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May 4, 2011 // 12:24 am - Today PlayStation 3 hacker Geoffrey Levand (or at least someone using his name) has released a PS3 Dual Boot GameOS / Linux Custom Firmware (CFW) which allows the dual-booting of both GameOS and OtherOS.

PS3 Custom Firmware Downloads: (Updated file links HERE!)

PS3 Custom Firmware Download Mirrors:

PS3 CFW Tools:

PS3 Dual Boot GameOS / Linux CFW

Note: Currently to start OtherOS. boot_otheros.pkg then reboot.pkg and that will load petitboot. Slim users (Version 1.0-r0) you must unload the slim usb drivers in order to boot.

ps3mfw/tasks/patch_profile.tcl is to be considered unstable and should not be used at this time.

All tools beep twice if they succeed !!!

Source code for all tools and patches is freely available. Create your own dual boot.


  • Into HV integrated OtherOS bootloader loader (compatible with OtherOS bootloader on 3.15)
  • OtherOS bootloader is booted directly from HV, no GameOS is involved.
  • Process of booting OtherOS bootloader loader is very similar to 3.15 method
  • Booting Linux from HDD/USB/BD/Network
  • Linux with GameOS rights
  • Full access to all HV SS services (Dispatcher Manager) from GameOS or Linux
  • Full access to all System Manager services
  • Ability to create/modify/remove repository nodes in LPAR 1 (e.g. with ps3dm-utils or ps3hvc-utils). This ability gives you much power over the whole system because many layers of PS3 use repository nodes to exchange information.
  • Enabled QA mode in Update Manager
  • Downgrading without USB dongle or Service Mode
  • Ability to deactivate/activate HDD/VFLASH encryption (e.g. with ps3stor-utils)
  • Suuport for ps3-utils. You can flash new OtherOS bootloader from Linux e.g.


  • Tested 3.41 and 3.55 on PS3 Slim with Gentoo and Debian Squeeze but should work on PS3 Fat without problems
  • Bug reports are welcome, send it please to [email][email protected][/email]

Work in progress:

  • Creating OtherOS partitions directly on HDD (not VFLASH)
  • Permanently disabling HDD/VFLASH encryption
  • Mapping of HTAB with R/W permission
  • SYSCON access from LPAR 2
  • FreeBSD support

Installing OtherOS bootloader

  • Tested ONLY on PS3 models with VFLASH
  • During deleting of VFLASH regions GameOS will ask you to reinstall firmware, don't do it, just press PS3 button and continue
  • I use petitboot as OtherOS bootloader. You could use a different one.
  • The following order of steps is important
  • Delete VFLASH region 6
  • Delete VFLASH region 5
  • Create VFLASH region 5
  • Create VFLASH region 6
  • Install OtherOS bootloader on VFLASH with "Install OtherOS"

Booting OtherOS bootloader

  • Run "Boot OtherOS"
  • Reboot GameOS with "Reboot"

Creating a VFLASH partition for Linux


  • Works ONLY on PS3 models with VFLASH
  • Warning: All your HDD data will be lost, so make a backup
  • I'm currently working on a solution for PS3 models with NAND flash
  • Resize VFLASH (creates a 40GB free space on VFLASH, if you need more then feel free to recompile it)
  • Reboot GameOS
  • Create VFLASH region 7

Installing Linux with petitboot

Installing Gentoo GNU/Linux from a Unix/Linux System

Partitioning with fdisk


  • I used petitboot to install Debian and Gentoo on VFLASH
  • I used fdisk to partition ps3vflashh
  • Make sure you create a swap partition
  • Creating a ready to use Linux distribution images is a work in progress

Booting Linux with petitboot


  • USB driver in petitboot has problems on PS3 Slim. The problem lies in Linux USB driver.
  • Currently i'm trying to fix this problem in Linux kernel
  • I temporarily use my script to boot a Linux installed on VFLASH from petitboot

PS3 Dual Boot GameOS / Linux Custom Firmware (CFW) Arrives

PS3 Dual Boot GameOS / Linux Custom Firmware (CFW) Arrives

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#30 - elser1 - May 6, 2011 // 1:29 am
elser1's Avatar
thanks barry.. LOL... i actually saw a site selling it years ago..

downloading now..


#29 - barrybarryk - May 6, 2011 // 12:11 am
barrybarryk's Avatar
you don't buy it, it's free.

for YDL the most recent version is 6.2, search will sort you out an iso you can just burn to disc.

#28 - elser1 - May 5, 2011 // 11:52 pm
elser1's Avatar
my slim ps3 is on 3.41 dongle.. i thinks this is great but i'll wait till i see some more feedback i think.. i don't have any linux os anyway.. i want to get ydl from somewhere but i can't find it.. anyone have links to where i can BUY this..

#27 - baslichtjaar - May 5, 2011 // 10:28 pm
baslichtjaar's Avatar
Well...? who TF is who?

I don't remember how I got the url.

#26 - Sostanco - May 5, 2011 // 9:03 pm
Sostanco's Avatar
at last.. we can try otheros with slipm ps3! Great news thank you.

#25 - barrybarryk - May 5, 2011 // 5:37 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
I'd love to have this up and running so I can get zerogame back too but I have a fat 256MB NAND console

But yeah to really take advantage for emulators we'd need GFX drivers and cell ports of the emulators to run, but if you can check out thezerogameproject for YDL6.2, it's awesome.

#24 - SuperSaiyen - May 5, 2011 // 5:16 pm
SuperSaiyen's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by elcido6 View Post
can we run a PS1 emulator from linux on the ps3?

Not possible now, but once linux can run unfettered on the GameOS we may be one step closer. We will still need some talented programmers to create GFX drivers and/or OPENGL support for the GFX chipset before we might have enough 3D speed to emu the PS1 or N64 on PS3 i believe.

Right now i run 34+ older emulators on OtherOS YDLinux on my PS3 from the, but you currently need fw 3.15 or lower. These linux advances will hopefully lead to running this on the PS3 with newer fw and full GFX hardware driver support some day, then maybe be able to run these newer game platforms. Still a way off from that as of now though..

#23 - aideng2011 - May 5, 2011 // 12:11 pm
aideng2011's Avatar
would love to see this in action, anyone using it that's willing to make a short vid?

#22 - ZombieRobot - May 5, 2011 // 9:36 am
ZombieRobot's Avatar
i would love to see xbmc on ps3, someone try it i can't..

#21 - kapaw - May 5, 2011 // 8:11 am
kapaw's Avatar
Anyone tried to install XBMC in linux on the PS3?

According to this thread: it might work without having to patch it.