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85w ago - Following up on the previous release, today Portuguese PlayStation 3 developer SONIC_BH updated their Custom Firmware to PS3 CFW 4.50 CEX DigitalEvo v1.1 with details below.

Download: CFW4.50 DigitalEvo v1.1 / CFW4.50_DigitalEvo_V1.1.rar (Mirror)

V1.1 PS3UPDAT.PUP MD5: 96B566A4605B05D099578D8817B6ECA1

Additions V1.1:

  • Flag Patch QA integrated: Go to a network settings and make the key combination: L1 + L2 + L3 + R1 + R2 + Down dpad. If it goes well you will see the menus appear.
  • Added 100 New icons for User.
  • In Game XMB Screenshot. For details, see HERE.
  • This version is Check In - Can install on consoles that has problems drive, etc.

Finally, in related news paolino has made available MIKA ELLO 4.50 CFW (PROUD TO BE PINOY) with details below, as follows:

Download: Mika Ello 4.50 CFW (193.91 MB)

To quote, roughly translated: Build using MFW and 4.50 OFW. Can only be installed on 3.55 OFW/CFW QA Toggled. Tested on CECHH and CECH 2512A models. I am not liable if bricks occur after installation


  • patched to allow running of unsigned applications
  • patched to add reactpsn online/offline
  • patched lv0
  • patched lv1
  • patched lv2 for peek&poke access
  • patched to allow installation of pseudo-retail and debug packages
  • patched spp verifier
  • patched spu pkg rvk verifier
  • patched spu token processor
  • patched to allow installation of packages
  • patched to enable screenshot for ps3, psp & minis
  • replaced startup message (warning & photosensitive epilepsy)
  • patched all self/sprx to secure privacy (except
  • replaced coldboot & sound
  • patched registry for sorting games alphabetically

PS3 CFW 4.50 CEX DigitalEvo v1.1 Custom Firmware is Released

PS3 CFW 4.50 CEX DigitalEvo v1.1 Custom Firmware is Released

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#11 - killer1292013 - 79w ago
killer1292013's Avatar
4.50 ofw i was thanking has any one tried to format the hard drive and put cfw on?? i dont know if it will work just asking

#10 - echoes4ever - 84w ago
echoes4ever's Avatar
does it work over OFW 4.46 ?

#9 - GameDemon - 85w ago
GameDemon's Avatar
Does NOT work with multiman.

#8 - ewuv07 - 85w ago
ewuv07's Avatar
can i use rebug downgrader 999 then install this rogero 4.50 cfw?

#7 - scousetomo - 85w ago
scousetomo's Avatar
this works great the new multiman works fine i installed it and backups work

#6 - JAYRIDER666 - 85w ago
JAYRIDER666's Avatar
About a working backup manager for suporting this cfw?

#5 - Dog88Christian - 85w ago
Dog88Christian's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ps3thekid View Post
Tested in model 2004A 100% all games work...

Hey does that 4.50 file work ? Is it actually a 4.50 Rebug for CFW users ? Are you able to access PSN?

#4 - StanSmith - 85w ago
StanSmith's Avatar
I think the Rebug CFW's are the best. They do lots of testing so its very stable. I'm still on 4.21.2 as had problems with their 4.30 CFW. I patch games manually so I'm happy with this CFW as its working very nicely for me.

I just wish they released a 9.99 spoofer so I dont have to keep updating the spoofer with each OFW update. 9.99 spoofer is the best as it doesn't matter what they do it never asks for an update so your always safe.

#3 - elser1 - 86w ago
elser1's Avatar
man i hope evilsperm and the rebug team release something soon. i know i've been wanting to upgrade for months but i'm still on 3.55. rebug is what i'm on and what i love. please e/s release it as 4.50 sounds like to me what i need to upgrade from 3.55 lmao

#2 - ps3thekid - 86w ago
ps3thekid's Avatar
Tested in model 2004A 100% all games work...

Thanks to all