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February 18, 2012 // 4:05 am - Here is my first PS3 4.10 CFW (Custom Firmware) / MFW (Modified Firmware) which includes the Install Package Files option in the PlayStation 3 XMB for those interested.

Download: PS3 4.10 CFW / MFW with Install Package Files by TechnoDon ( Warning: Read Notes below before installing!)

For those curious, this PS3 CFW / MFW is a modified 4.10 Kiosk / Shop Firmware via PS3MFW Builder intended for installation on PS3 3.55 Retail consoles.


1. Custom Coldboot
2. Kiosk/Shop XMB restrictions have been removed so PlayStation Home/PlayStation Store work fine.
3. Modified to allow installation of retail signed packages

Notes: DO NOT install this unless you have an E3 flasher or Progskeet type device to downgrade your PS3 to 3.55. Unfortunately 3.55 signed PS3 homebrew does not install/run. Also be aware it doesn't load any PlayStation 3 game backups so you will need to have the game disc to play them.

To Unlock the XMB: Hold L1+R1+Select+Square simultaneously. When the security settings icon is selected. It will ask for you to input a code (four digit code). Enter 2464.


PS: PS3Hen if you would like to add XMB Manager that would be great

PS3 4.10 CFW / MFW Includes Install Package Files by TechnoDon

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#34 - CeXML - February 18, 2012 // 6:21 pm
CeXML's Avatar
No we cant , both the lv2diag.self files wont work on newer firmwares. on 3.56 one of them would work and some people got stuck in FSM. but we cant enter it anymore on new firmwares, if we could it would be big news, hopefully Nabnab releases his methods for doing it, then we could all install modified 3.60+ pups

Be great if someone leaked the newer lv2diag files, someone in sony must have em , then we could experiment with FSM on newer FWs.

#33 - ph4rcyd3 - February 18, 2012 // 6:07 pm
ph4rcyd3's Avatar
Well, I guess we can enter fsm, in all firmwares. Use the dongles or the psp app. The problem is to get out of it.

#32 - CeXML - February 18, 2012 // 5:35 pm
CeXML's Avatar
I think HFW is a good name! I came up with that acronym actually for ps3hens FW.

BTW. It wont install from anything higher than 3.55 as we cant sign pup files 100% properly. if we could enter service mode on 3.60+ we could install this as FSM allows installation of unsigned pups.

#31 - Brenza - February 18, 2012 // 4:58 pm
Brenza's Avatar
no. they are mostly fake signed packages so the 3.56+ firmware won't install them.

You can only use unmodificed pkg games.

#30 - niwakun - February 18, 2012 // 1:36 pm
niwakun's Avatar
more like a Hybrid Firmware than a Custom Firmware.

#29 - ps3hen - February 18, 2012 // 1:29 pm
ps3hen's Avatar
Okay I've patched this MFW how Technodon asked. It can load the XMB Manager from usb. You can download the patched pup here:

You can download the XMBM+ for 4.10FWs here:

This works differently to the usb XML loading system used in my 4.00HFW v3. It instead uses the system implemented for development use of the XMBM+ v0.10 (USB loading was not an intended for public release). It supports loading from dev_usb000, dev_usb001 and dev_usb006 (these were the decided set of supported USB ports). So here are some instructions on how to use it:

[*]Install technodon's pup patched for usb loading.
[*]Download the XMBM+ v0.10 (linked above) and extract the contents to the root of the usb drive.
[*]Plug in the USB drive in one of the USB ports listed above, this should cover most of the slim and fat models' USB ports. If you are not sure what usb ports your PS3 uses, just use the right most one as that is dev_usb000 on every PS3 model.
[*]Keep the USB drive plugged in at all times, as the XMB will call upon the USB for resources like images and other XML files.

Note: Switching USB ports while the PS3 is at the XMB will break the XMBM+ causing sub-items and images not to show. This is because when the XMB initially loads the game_main.xml to the ram, it uses a specific part of that xml file depending on which port the USB drive is plugged in. So it knows which usb device to search when requiring other xml files or images.

You may ask, why not have it search every USB device in every XML file so the is no compatiblity problems. You can do this but, having the XMB search for content on every possible USB port slows down the loading time of the XMB dramatically. Having the XMB search only 3 devices once has no noticeable affect on the XMB loading time.

FYI this version of the XMBM+ is same version I have made in preparation for my 4.10HFW release.

#28 - isabashir123 - February 18, 2012 // 12:34 pm
isabashir123's Avatar
is that really 4.10 jb?

i'm on 4.10 and its i can't find any jb

#27 - Natepig - February 18, 2012 // 11:43 am
Natepig's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
Yeah, he says "Modified to allow installation of retail signed packages" so it should be able to install.

I was asking if just retail would install.

#26 - Mesut - February 18, 2012 // 11:39 am
Mesut's Avatar
can i update to this i'm on ofw 4.11, thru service menu ?? and good job its nice to have Install Package mod.

#25 - Zayuke - February 18, 2012 // 11:36 am
Zayuke's Avatar
Okay technodon, thanks for the quick reply . I'm thankful of your work, makes me keep my hopes high.

Keep up the good work, and i hope somebody gets the keys to make your work even better.