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February 18, 2012 // 4:05 am - Here is my first PS3 4.10 CFW (Custom Firmware) / MFW (Modified Firmware) which includes the Install Package Files option in the PlayStation 3 XMB for those interested.

Download: PS3 4.10 CFW / MFW with Install Package Files by TechnoDon ( Warning: Read Notes below before installing!)

For those curious, this PS3 CFW / MFW is a modified 4.10 Kiosk / Shop Firmware via PS3MFW Builder intended for installation on PS3 3.55 Retail consoles.


1. Custom Coldboot
2. Kiosk/Shop XMB restrictions have been removed so PlayStation Home/PlayStation Store work fine.
3. Modified to allow installation of retail signed packages

Notes: DO NOT install this unless you have an E3 flasher or Progskeet type device to downgrade your PS3 to 3.55. Unfortunately 3.55 signed PS3 homebrew does not install/run. Also be aware it doesn't load any PlayStation 3 game backups so you will need to have the game disc to play them.

To Unlock the XMB: Hold L1+R1+Select+Square simultaneously. When the security settings icon is selected. It will ask for you to input a code (four digit code). Enter 2464.


PS: PS3Hen if you would like to add XMB Manager that would be great

PS3 4.10 CFW / MFW Includes Install Package Files by TechnoDon

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#74 - technodon - February 19, 2012 // 6:26 pm
technodon's Avatar
it must only work on 3.55 then..

#73 - Jugalarbrysteel - February 19, 2012 // 6:11 pm
Jugalarbrysteel's Avatar
Does it work can we have video?

So this is for 3.55 FW? i plugged the usb into ps3 applied the update and when it was installing it said error occurred i'm running 4.10 OFW

#72 - Jugalarbrysteel - February 19, 2012 // 5:25 pm
Jugalarbrysteel's Avatar
is that a jailbreak or regular 4.10 OFW?

#71 - Dzordzo11 - February 19, 2012 // 5:04 pm
Dzordzo11's Avatar
what is that OFW do you know how to jb?

#70 - Lion89 - February 19, 2012 // 4:52 pm
Lion89's Avatar
I'm on OFW 4.10 can i install this in my ps3.

#69 - Dzordzo11 - February 19, 2012 // 3:44 pm
Dzordzo11's Avatar
if this doesn't work please guys tell me jb for 4.0 or 4.10 ?

#68 - kazamajackson - February 19, 2012 // 3:07 pm
kazamajackson's Avatar
Okay, I can confirm that I CAN'T install this .PUP from 4.00 ofw. Actually, I have my ps3 in 4.00 ofw, is there any way to downgrade 4.00 to 3.55 without using the E3 Flasher?

#67 - Avinash 1107 - February 19, 2012 // 2:51 pm
Avinash 1107's Avatar
Hello... i have a 3.55 kmeaw cfw ps3... i want to upgrade the version so that i can play backup games requiring 3.7+ versions. I heard that an update was release that can play backup games of 3.7+ and also access PSN without being banned... can anymore help me on how do this please?

#66 - miandad - February 19, 2012 // 2:39 pm
miandad's Avatar
bro you try with 3.41 sprx file or need some modify in sprx file...

#65 - ps3hen - February 19, 2012 // 2:35 pm
ps3hen's Avatar
I might be wrong but, the only reason this worked is because 3.56 was a security patch on 3.55 nothing more. Either that or 3.56JFW had patches to run 3.55 sprx files.

I have used 3.55 sprx files on 4.00 and the ps3 crashed asking me to re-install the fw.