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New PS3 EBOOT Patch Fixes for CFW by UnSANE for October 27, 2012

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122w ago - Following up on yesterday's update, this weekend PlayStation 3 scene groups unSANE and DUPLEX are back with some new PS3 EBOOT Patch Fixes for Custom Firmware (CFW) users below!

  • Assassins.Creed.III.Eboot.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX (works discless also using External / BD-Mirror with DUPLEX ACIII BLES01667)
  • Back.To.The.Future.The.Game.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-unSANE
  • F1.2012.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-unSANE
  • Transformers.Fall.of.Cybertron.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE
  • Uncharted.3.Drakes.Deception.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE


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Download: http://www.embedupload.com/?d=3EJXJ4ENNP / http://turbobit.net/1bpi3imx4grm.html / http://www.ddlstorage.com/2fybayzylxc1/Assassins.Creed.III.Eboot.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX.rar.htm / https://safelinking.net/p/7372775ef3 / http://rapidshare.com/files/4154295586/duplex-ac3_eboot_patch.rar / http://rghost.net/41199901 / http://www.putlocker.com/file/B90EF5ED6C06AE4A / http://www.sockshare.com/file/564C2331F14463CB / http://www.putlocker.com/file/A1C4648FBFE4304C / http://uploaded.net/file/c29qj1a8 / http://ul.to/m9tv0dw0 / AssassinsCreeds3_EbootFIX340+_REUP_VSPROD via nenele84

Back.To.The.Future.The.Game.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-unSANE - unsane-bttftgus.rar

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Download: http://www.embedupload.com/?d=9SHYQIIXRA / http://www.ddlstorage.com/zfcgb86g9852/Back.To.The.Future.The.Game.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-unSANE.rar.htm / http://demo.ovh.com/en/46b90a6ac744e12b0af8c04e3e944c5a/

F1.2012.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-unSANE - unsane-f12012us.rar

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Download: http://www.embedupload.com/?d=3RAQSEITKT / http://www.ddlstorage.com/s4qinc2edfro/F1.2012.EBOOT.PATCH.100.USA.PS3-unSANE.rar.htm / http://demo.ovh.com/en/d0d8ea58238ee6e90871dfba5294c8e0/

Transformers.Fall.of.Cybertron.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE - unsane-transformfoceu.rar

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Download: http://www.embedupload.com/?d=5EAQR4MYCE / http://depositfiles.com/files/j2tlvbj49 / http://www.ddlstorage.com/vgep8j49c6lz/Transformers.Fall.of.Cybertron.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE.rar.htm / http://demo.ovh.com/en/6386d8e43196495fa970f097e222b48b/

Uncharted.3.Drakes.Deception.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE - unsane-uncharted3ddeu.rar

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Download: http://www.embedupload.com/?d=0WKWDHFOBG / http://www.ddlstorage.com/l6y9dqxwv34y/Uncharted.3.Drakes.Deception.EBOOT.PATCH.100.EUR.PS3-unSANE.rar.htm / http://demo.ovh.com/en/f3c5d257eb567ac34ae635f4d560db7e/

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!
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#9117 - Mazinger1 - 16w ago
Mazinger1's Avatar
I would be eternally grateful if someone could reply with a fix for SPLINTERCELL BLACKLIST CFW 3.55.

Many thanks.

#9116 - aswinna - 16w ago
aswinna's Avatar
thanks a lot!

#9115 - Mazinger1 - 16w ago
Mazinger1's Avatar
I would be eternally grateful if someone could reply with a fix for INJUSTICE GOD AMONG US CFW 3.55.

Many thanks.

#9114 - Dethgod - 16w ago
Dethgod's Avatar
Nice, But I get an error, Trying to long onto psn

#9113 - mpxim - 16w ago
mpxim's Avatar
cool games !

#9112 - twizm - 16w ago
twizm's Avatar
awesome stuff

#9111 - mpxim - 16w ago
mpxim's Avatar
tapuPS3, thanx you very much.. this is very cool

thanx, for games

#9110 - trenton242 - 16w ago
trenton242's Avatar

#9109 - TMR77 - 16w ago
TMR77's Avatar
Thanks, very useful

#9108 - nyacid - 17w ago
nyacid's Avatar
Nice news


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