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May 22, 2013 // 5:18 pm - Following up on their previous update, PlayStation 3 developers Estwald and D_Skywalk have updated the PS3 backup game manager known as Iris Manager to version 2.45 with the changes outlined below.

Download: Iris Manager v2.45 for v4.XX PS3 CFW / Iris Manager v2.45 (Animated Icon) / GIT

To quote, roughly translated: What's New in version 2.45:

1) Added German as a language (thanks toto67)

2) New update Simplified and Traditional Chinese (thanks Liqianyu)

3) Fixed a bug that disallowed games bigfile external USB disk to internal (in cache). We have included a small correction for those games that do not have more than one cached bigfile. Also added warning if it comes to launching the game with BD Emu ON (exite cache inconsistency between games and BD Emu)

4) Added a number of improvements to the FTP server: now warns if you exit the application (attention, if it comes with PS button will not tell) and FTP is conducting a delete function, reading, writing... covering up to 10 seconds from the operation.

It is also equipped with some error messages for that function fails if the network is not started or misconfigured occasional change.

5) Added a new thread manager to perform background tasks, such as icons recharge, now is not done at once, if not staggered. With this, the program gains agility when changing pages.

6) Some users have notified me that REX Rebug 4.21.2 CFW does not work when you press the PS event, so I've gone back to the old method for this firmware.

To mount with Disc-Less need without plugging a device to force an event right in the process that should receive. For that it is necessary to know the Event ID before hand but users are reporting to me and that I do not know the ID or using one that others do not work (in 4.21.2 using an ID that I found)

For this reason it would be desirable to send me the Event ID generated when you plug a USB device for each firmware to know them.

Iris Manager v2.45 PS3 Backup Game Manager Updated By Estwald

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#269 - grath99 - November 28, 2014 // 6:45 am
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how do i format my ps3 internal harddisk?

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Thank you so much!

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awesome, thanks

it's very useful.

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