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May 10, 2013 // 6:47 pm - Following up on their previous revision as hinted HERE, PlayStation 3 developers Estwald and D_Skywalk (with assistance from Miralatijera) have updated the PS3 backup game manager known as Iris Manager to version 2.40 with the changes detailed below.

Download: Iris Manager v2.40 for v4.XX PS3 CFW / Iris Manager v2.40 (Animated Icon) / GIT

Iris Manager v2.40 Changelog, roughly translated: New: Version 2.40

1) Updated Italian language (thanks AcidBuRn1)

2) Fixed error in the definition of a variable in the FTP which made the console will turn off when not using the remote, but was transferring files

3) Further improvement for PSX emulator that eliminates the need to modify usleep() changing it to a method that allows syscalls redial as often as desired [crappy] (and thus be able to step calls conflicted by enter the syscall loop to change the turning point)

4) Added in the menu "Tools" tool "Fan & USB Wakeup Control".

  • Allows control of satellite payload temperatures, System Manager (sm.self) in Miralatijera 4.40 CFW + Core 3.3.0, by the SYSCON or speed set by the user (option "By User and speed in" User / Shutdown Speed ​​".
  • Displays real time information of the temperatures, fan speed mode and current.
  • Allows you to set the behavior of the Payload / S. Manager adjusting speed / temperature to suit the user and reset defaults and remember the values ​​set ("Set Settings" and record the values ​​fixed)
  • From System Manager (sm.self) to set a time (or disable) in steps of 10 seconds for the utility writes a file on the USB device in use and avoid "sleep" for lack of activity

Iris Manager v2.40 PS3 Backup Game Manager Updated By Estwald

Iris Manager v2.40 PS3 Backup Game Manager Updated By Estwald

Iris Manager v2.40 PS3 Backup Game Manager Updated By Estwald

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how do i format my ps3 internal harddisk?

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Thank you so much!

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it's very useful.

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