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94w ago - Following up on the his previous revision, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Alexander has updated Iris Manager to Iris Manager 2.67U (Unofficial) PS3Mod with the changes below.


To quote from cosimo98, roughly translated:


  • Added compatibility with CFW Rebug 4.46.1 REX / D-REX EDITION and other future CFW 446dex.
  • Mode DiscLess 4.46/446dex activated.
  • For the rest, has the same characteristics of 2.66U

Special Thanks BETA TESTER

  • franci97 (DEX user)
  • cosimo98 (CEX user)

Iris Manager 2.67U PS3Mod by PS3 Dev Alexander is Now Available

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#181 - jos010 - 29w ago
jos010's Avatar
wow like 3.31

#180 - djdesanti - 29w ago
djdesanti's Avatar
thanks for the update

#179 - copehn - 29w ago
copehn's Avatar
Need help jailbreaking my ps3 super slim

#178 - team40 - 29w ago
team40's Avatar
Cool.. Thanks

#177 - muniek22 - 29w ago
muniek22's Avatar
Thank you

#176 - capillo - 29w ago
capillo's Avatar
Nice Job! Thanks

#175 - MostWanted323i - 29w ago
MostWanted323i's Avatar
Nice Job! Thanks

#174 - sdierfop - 29w ago
sdierfop's Avatar
thanks. nice updates

#173 - goletsa - 29w ago
goletsa's Avatar
thank you

#172 - NeoK - 29w ago
NeoK's Avatar
so this is a good alternative to multiman?