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November 14, 2012 // 9:13 pm - Following up on their previous update, today PlayStation 3 scene release group DUPLEX is back with new titles including Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two, Hitman Absolution, and Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed alongside F1 Race Stars from RiOT with some experimental PS3 3.55 CFW patch fixes below.

  • Disney.Epic.Mickey.2.The.Power.of.Two.PS3-DUPLEX
  • F1_Race_Stars_PS3-RiOT
  • Hitman.Absolution.PS3-DUPLEX
  • Sonic.All-Stars.Racing.Transformed.PS3-DUPLEX

From harryoke: Just been comparing eboots (original and fixed) there is only 1 difference in the entire .elf at offset 0187F180-0D (original 41) (fixed 33) ...if you could check your working version to see if there is any difference.... its doing my head in... if i can't get it to work could ypu upload your eboot please. also what size is your fixed eboot ...mine is 9,381kb

Finally got it working... here you go eboot fix... needs internal / bdmirror REX 4.21 only:

Download: / (BLES)

From richdotward on Disney Epic Mickey 2 The Power of Two PS3: Got mickey working. Simple as change the .sfo file to 4.21 overwriting 4.25. Then just use your preferred eboot resigner and it works fine. No patch out. Resign the eboot.bin on the disk, change the .sfo to 4.21 and it works. Sorry not posting my patch. People better just get used to resigning things themselves. Took me 1 minute tops.

Here's mine. Rogero 4.21 internal, no bd mirror:

From Nicolas19: BLES01628-Disney_Epic_Mickey_2_The_Power_of_Two.rar

From harryoke: Epic Mickey 2 fixed for REX (Internal / BDMirror)

From Oakhead69: Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends (BLUS30842 3.41-3.55) / Mirror (the game must be run via BD Mirror / tested on 3.55 and working / untested on 3.41)

From harryoke on F1 Race Stars PS3: Works on REX 4.21 with update.

Hitman Absolution PS3 (16.1 GB) was signed with 4.10 PS3 Keys and a few possible 3.55 CFW Fixes are posted below, as follows:

According to bitsbubba, the SDAT file must be fixed or the game won't start.

From pete_uk comes a Lego: Lord of the Rings (REX) Fix for those interested.

From Pr0pJOE comes PSN THE WALKING DEAD Ep. 1-4 Fixed for 3.55 as follows:

Region: [US] NPUB30741
Release by: propJOE
Firmware: 3.70, patch [4.10]
Size: 473 MB + 810 MB + 635 MB + 705 MB + 42.1 MB
Language: English

Install Guide:

1. Install Full game/Episode 1, install Episodes 2-4 *find them yourselves*
2. Install Updates 1.01-1.03
3. Install 1.03 FIX
4. Enjoy playing.

Finally, below is one more PS3 3.55 patch fix from Nicolas19 for Happy Feet Two (BLES01425) for those interested:

From EXEtrimALL & propJOE: HITMAN ABSOLUTION [BLES01403] Eboot FIX 3.41/3.55 & Patch Update 1.01 FIXED 3.41/3.55

Download: HitmanAbsolution-[BLES01403]-P101FXD_EXE&J-MAN.rar / HitmanAbsolution-_BLES01403_-P101FXD_EXE&J-MAN.rar / BLES01403-HITMAN_FIXUP-1.01vicju.rar / PS3SOS-BLES01403-HITMAN_FIXUP-1.01-CORONATOR.7z (Replace all the SDATs from propJOE's fix and then used this patch)

1. Copy all files from GAME FILES FIX 3.41-3.55 to your game folder BLES01403
2. Install BLES01403_HITMAN_ABSOLUTION_PATCH101FXD.pkg file.
3. Run the game from MM and pray it works. [Try with BD-Mirror option if needed]
4. Pray it works and kill silently in Hitman style.

Note: Recommended to use Duplex game release BLES01403.

As always, we'll update this article when more PlayStation 3 CFW 3.55 patch fixes are available!

Hitman Absolution Released by DUPLEX, PS3 3.55 CFW Patch Fixes

Hitman Absolution Released by DUPLEX, PS3 3.55 CFW Patch Fixes

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#6337 - eustahija - November 7, 2012 // 5:16 pm
eustahija's Avatar
Works on my 3.55 like a charm!!! I have DUPLEX Repack version of the game and this new eboot patch. Just replaced param.sfo, eboot bin and model_shader_pack.sdat in usrdir folder shader. I start with story mode, the game is awesome! Thanks DUPLEX!!!

#6336 - rc4evr - November 7, 2012 // 5:15 pm
rc4evr's Avatar
Do you or someone else know the difference between the new "REAL REPACK" and the previous repack? Thank you.

#6335 - Ecina - November 7, 2012 // 5:02 pm
Ecina's Avatar
It's for BLES01623 so it's EUR.

Anyway, someone else has confirmed it working on their 3.55 CFW so here are two more mirrors...

Dead.or.Alive.5.Eboot.Patch.PS3-DUPLEX - BLES01623

"Replace files in your game dir with the ones from our archive. The file model_shader_pack.sdat goes into usrdir/shader/"

:: OR ::

Thanks to ps33ps for the headsup and Duplex for the fix

#6334 - DarkLordMalik - November 7, 2012 // 5:00 pm
DarkLordMalik's Avatar
I got the same error. I just did a simple repair on that .rar file using WinRar and it extracted fine. Game is working perfectly fine on a 4.21 Rebug CFW PS3. Tested the game with PS Move, played a couple of levels.

#6333 - wwywong - November 7, 2012 // 4:55 pm
wwywong's Avatar
Really it's working finally? Who patched it!!!! Gonna test tonight!

Holy cow duplex finally did it! This one look legit!!! Hey but it is for USA or EUR? I hope it's for both!!! Or EUR cuz that's what I got (the DUPLEX REPACK one)

If that really works, the only one left is Hatsune Miku Dreamy Theater EXTEND then I think I might be good for this year.

#6332 - Ecina - November 7, 2012 // 4:24 pm
Ecina's Avatar
Yep, I just arrived at the same conclusion after finding the listing in a "pre" site.

Anyway, I just fired this up on my 3.41 JB dongle and it's working so far. Anyone else test it on their 3.55 yet?

#6331 - StanSmith - November 7, 2012 // 4:18 pm
StanSmith's Avatar
The REAL.REPACK is the full game. its 5GB.

#6330 - cfc2001 - November 7, 2012 // 4:17 pm
cfc2001's Avatar
does anyone have Angry Birds Trilogy USA Version ??? I've Angry_Birds_Trilogy_PS3-ProCiSiON release but I got this problem

"Angry_Birds_Trilogy_PS3-ProCiSiON\xxx-abt.r15: Error de CRC en BLUS31054-[Angry Birds Trilogy]\PS3_GAME\USRDIR\videos\cutscenes\original\chapter_07.bik" ... can someone please share this file or the PAL version of this file please ??? ... thanks a lot

I don't want to dl the game again

#6329 - Ecina - November 7, 2012 // 4:08 pm
Ecina's Avatar
Ok, here's a link for the first one I found on a search ->

#6328 - cfc2001 - November 7, 2012 // 4:08 pm
cfc2001's Avatar
REAL.REPACK ... another release ???

thanks for the info

From aitlbach: Fifa 13 BLES01676 1.03 fix for 3.55 and 4.21, install the official 1.03 update, navigate to dev_hdd0/game/BLES01676 replace all the files by the ones of the archive. tested on rebug 4.21


From craze e 1:

Midway Arcade Origins EBOOT PATCH USA

Zone of the Enders HD Collection EBOOT PATCH USA (untested)