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October 26, 2013 // 6:19 pm - Following up on my initial release and update, today I present HISHAMAGE CFW 4.50 DEX PS3 Custom Firmware and HISHAMAGE Manager v1.00 with details below.

Download: HishamageDEX4.501.0.pup (181.09 MB) / HishamageDEX4.501.0.pup (Mirror) / Hishamage Manager v1.0.pkg (1004.77 KB)


  • Removed ecdsa check from appldr, isoldr, lv1ldr and lv2ldr.
  • Removed “lv2 memory protection” of appldr. Thanks Miralatijera for this!!
  • Patched lv1 to added support to lv1 peek, lv1 poke and remove syscon hash check.
  • Patched lv2 to added lv2 peek, lv2 poke, lv1 peek, lv1 poke and lv1 call.
  • Patched sys_init_osd to to allow execution of a self when the PS3 starts. Again thanks to Miralatijera for this!!
  • Added CORE ps3itald, this allow to change the console id or set it as retail when PS3 starts (You do NOT need to use Change IDPS
  • All Region or similar to sign up on PSN).
  • Patched VSH to added ReactPSN support and ScreenShot InGame.
  • Patched premo_game_plugin and premo_plugin for allow remote play of pc.
  • Patched np_trophy_plugin and np_trophy_util for avoid error 0x80022D74 and 0x80022D11.
  • Patched nas_plugin to allow installation of PKG Retail.
  • Patched autodownload_plugin and download_plugin to allow installation of games update retail.
  • Patched UPL.xml to allow installation on PS3 with broken blu-ray drive and broken bluetooth board.
  • Added Playstation Store and Playstation Home icon.
  • PSP Remaster work without any problem!
  • The CFW can run every game with fw version set to 4.50 or lower (no sprx, self patching is necessary).
  • The CFW can be installed from the XMB over OFW 3.55 DEX


Go to the debug settings and set: - “NP Enviroment” on np

“Boot Mode” on “Release Mode”
“Region Settings” to the your region


Go to the debug settings and set also:

“Blu-ray Disc Access” on “BD Emulator (USB)”
“Transfer Rate Pacing for BD Emulator” on” HDD Native”

NOTE: Only Hishamage Manager is Working for This CFW

HISHAMAGE CFW 4.50 DEX PS3 Custom Firmware & Manager v1.00 Out

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#30 - hishamage - December 14, 2013 // 3:53 am
hishamage's Avatar
yes- need cfw to install

#29 - StevenTj - December 14, 2013 // 1:12 am
StevenTj's Avatar
are you surprise bro ?

#28 - andrewcy - December 13, 2013 // 5:02 pm
andrewcy's Avatar
Does this CFW support PS3 model CECH-3003B? Also Can I with this CFW to install Multiman??? Any answer appreciate..

#27 - smhabib - December 13, 2013 // 2:23 am
smhabib's Avatar
hishamage copied it, in lv0 he did changed the signature ONLY but now create habib folder in dev_flash and the pkgs will be read from there

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#26 - hishamage - December 13, 2013 // 1:44 am
hishamage's Avatar
thank you for testing- well it is working great for me too

#25 - 21susana123 - December 13, 2013 // 12:47 am
21susana123's Avatar
work great thank you so much tested by me

#24 - hishamage - December 12, 2013 // 3:15 am
hishamage's Avatar
Following up on my previous release and Sony's PS3 Firmware Update v4.53, today I have updated to HISHAMAGE CFW 4.53 V1.0 CEX PS3 Custom Firmware followed by HISHAMAGE CFW 4.53 V1.01 CEX PS3 CFW, HISHAMAGE 4.46 CFW CEX, Hishamage 4.53 V1.03 and Hishamage 4.53 CEX CFW V2.00 with details below.

Download: HISHAMAGE 4.53 CEX CFW V1.0.rar (200.49 MB) / HISHAMAGE 4.53 CEX CFW V1.0.rar (Mirror) / Hishamage 4.53 V1.01 CEX.rar / Hishamage 4.53 V1.01 CEX.rar (Mirror) / 4.53 Signed Homebrew By Hishamage.rar / HISHAMAGE 4.46 CFW CEX (288.2 MB) / Hishamage 4.53 V1.03.rar (203.04 MB) / Hishamage4.532.0CEX.rar (293 MB) / Hishamage4.532.0CEX.rar (Mirror)

V1.0 MD5: 4B73D4D8F58F9F9758C22DFE317D2CDF
V1.01 MD5: 256EBC3BDF820786A6DA6C7095F4AC3C
V4.46 MD5: E6BADE03E3C3E9BC857DDAD1741281FC
V1.03 MD5: C601CF0BE1B24511AF17CCE56E146607

All the main patches for a CFW are included.

Ex. ReActPSN compatibility-offline-online, lv1-lv2 patches, install package files and app home, Rsod bypass, Can run games signed with keys up to 4.53.

Can be updated over any CFW.

V1.01 Changelog:

  • Replaced PS3 Theme
  • Replaced PS3 XMB Wave
  • Fixed Some Bugs
  • Renamed PSN To Hishamage While In Game
  • Better System Stability

Hishamage 4.46 CFW:

+Dual LV2 Kernels CEX/DEX (Swap your EID0/LV2 kernel using Rebug Toolbox or Multiman in seconds)

+ALL Retail functions available in CEX mode
(No need to install different firmware)

+ALL Debug functions available in DEX mode
(No need to install different firmware)

+ProDG Connectivity in DEX mode
+QA Token compatibility

OtherOS++ support enabled
(Use Rebug Toolbox or Multiman to Boot OtherOS with different LV1 patches)

+Package Manager
(Replacement for the standard 'Install Package Files' option)

+LV1: Disable System Integrity Check
(Safe to use with mismatched COREOS/SYSCON versions or if PS3 is not QA enabled)

+ LV1: Undocumented function 114
(Allow mapping of protected memory)

+LV1: Skip all ACL Checks
(Needed to allow booting of OtherOS)

+LV1: Peek and Poke support
(Unused LV1 call 182 and 183)

+PATCHED - LV2: Peek and Poke support
(LV2 Syscall 6 and 7)

+PATCHED - LV2: Peek and Poke support for LV1
(LV2 Syscall 8 and 9)

+PATCHED - LV2: LV1 CALL System call
(LV2 Syscall 10)

+VSH: Allow Unsigned act.dat and *.rif files

+PATCHED - VSH: Disable Unlinking/Deleting of act.dat

+Reactpsn Compatiability Offline-Online

Hishamage 4.53 V1.03 CFW:

Features: Added Package Manager

+Fixed---Compatibility Issues


V2.00 Changelog:

1. Fixed Some Bugs Ex. Pakcage Manager. Not Working Sometimes == Fixed
2. Added Some Homebrew Apps To The Package Manager Signed To Work On 4.53

Homebrew Apps:

  • Blackbox
  • Comgenie Awesome Filemanager
  • OpenPS3FTP
  • Hishamage XMB Mode

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#23 - hishamage - December 5, 2013 // 4:08 am
hishamage's Avatar
HISHAMAGE CFW 4.50 v1.06 TEST CEX PS3 Custom Firmware and 4.50 DEX 4.53 Spoofer is released with details below, as follows:

Download: Hishamage 4.50 V1.06 (Test).rar / Hishamage 4.50 Dex Spoofer (4.53).rar

+Spoofed to 4.53 (Might Work)
+All Options From 4.50 V1.05 Are Available
+Fixed Some Bugs. Enjoy!

Nee Testers! For Future CFWs

#22 - hishamage - November 16, 2013 // 11:02 pm
hishamage's Avatar
HISHAMAGE CFW 4.50 v1.05 CEX PS3 Custom Firmware is released with details below, as follows:

Download: Hishamage 4.50 V1.05 CEX.rar (203.94 MB) / Hishamage 4.50 V1.05 CEX.rar (203.94 mb)

MD5: 2566487C33C255542688BB737D687620

  • Fixed bricking problems- i am really sorry for my other (cfw v1.04) that had bricking problems.
  • Fixed some bugs
  • This cfw has been tested!



#21 - hishamage - November 3, 2013 // 10:13 pm
hishamage's Avatar
An update to my CFW 4.50 CEX (V1.04) (Update From 3.55)

Download: HishamageCEX4.501.04.pup (Hishamage 4.50 V1.04 CEX) / HishamageCEX4.501.04.pup (Mirror - 204.36 MB)

Patches: patched to allow running of unsigned applications
patched to add reactpsn online/offline
patched lv0
patched lv1
patched lv2 for peek&poke access
patched lv2 sigcheck (Features 4.46-4.50)
patched to allow installation of pseudo-retail and debug packages
patched spp verifier
patched spu pkg rvk verifier
patched spu token processor
patched to allow installation of packages
patched to enable screenshot for ps3, psp & minis
patched all self/sprx to secure privacy (except
replaced coldboot
replace Airpaint Theme
replace Start Up Messages
renamed some xmb catogories
patches RSOD Bypass Feature, Downgrade to 3.55 (Thanks To Habib For His Patterns)
replace XMB Wave
patches nas_plugin.sprx

Fixed Some Bugs!

Working On All Models! This CFW Has Been Tested By Many Devs!