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December 8, 2013 // 12:35 am - Following up on his previous revisions and PS3 Firmware 4.53, today PlayStation 3 developer Habib (aka smhabib) released Habib 4.53 V1.00, V1.01, DB OFW, Iris v2.62, Control Fan Utility v2.02 and the 4.53 downgrade (Rogero) patches for Custom Firmware users followed by Habib Cobra 4.53 V1.00, v1.01, v1.02 and v1.03 with details below.

Download: HABIB 4.53 V1.00.PS3UPDAT (194.49 MB) / HABIB 4.53 V1.00.PS3UPDAT (Mirror) / HABIB 4.53 V1.01 (194.46 MB) / HABIB_4.53_V1.01.PS3UPDAT.PUP (Mirror) / HABIB_4.53_V1.01.PS3UPDAT.PUP (Mirror #2) / HABIB_4.53_V1.01.PS3UPDAT.PUP (Mirror #3) / HABIB_4.53_V1.01.PS3UPDAT.PUP (Mirror #4) / HABIB DB OFW 4.53.PS3UPDAT (194.72 MB) / (Iris Manager 2.62 Mod by Habib to support 4.53 CFW) / / / HABIB_COBRA 4.53 V1.00.PUP (194.36 MB) / HABIB COBRA 4.53 V1.01.PUP (194.36 MB) / HABIB+COBRA+4.53+V1.01.PUP (Mirror) / HABIB COBRA 4.53 V1.02.PUP (194.37 MB) / HABIB COBRA CFW 4.53 (195.71 MB)

HABIB 4.53 V1.01 MD5: 408ADE85D42D95EAF5106DA1D1CEDE4C
HABIB DB OFW 4.53.PS3UPDAT MD5: B02E8D4F75FF5600388096C44FF0E3A6
HABIB_COBRA 4.53 V1.00.PUP MD5: 8BA29AFCAFE8CF3D3543D13CB4A3C553
HABIB COBRA 4.53 V1.01.PUP MD5: 65FFC30B9E2A9F50EBA29832FE5E1A6C
HABIB COBRA 4.53 V1.02.PUP MD5: E0505BEBF8346B005B944F736A41BE49
HABIB COBRA 4.53 V1.03.PUP MD5: D7C73D636340A622644DBC86BE16260E

To quote: Hey all! I present you my CFW 4.53:

1.) made out of 4.53 ofw
2.) have install package files and app_home
3.) have reactpsn compatibility
4.) patched all coreos ecdsa check
5.) patched lv2 to add peek/poke supoort
6.) patched lv1 to disable lv2 protection
7.) patched lv1 to add peek/ poke support
8.) it can run games signed with keys upto 4.53
9.) can be updated over any cfw
10.) can be updated over 3.55 ofw
11.) added no bt/bd patches
12.) rsod bypass
13.) reactpsn offline patch added
14.) better system stability
15.) psp remaster support added
16.) qa flag enabled by default if ps3 was qa on 3.55
17.) in game screenshot enabled
18.) anti-protection for copy-caters!


I edited lv0.elf a little. you'll find my signature on offset 8a5b0 also a folder named habib will be present on dev_flash .pkg files can be read from that folder too.. if any of these features are found in any other cfw its a copy of mine!

Iris 2.62:

Made from the last Open Source Version of Iris Manager which is version 2.60B.


1. Payload 4.53 added
2. Payload 450 dex added (not tested!)

Control Fan Utility v2.02:

Hey everyone! This version adds support to the following CFWs:

1.) 4.50 DEX (NOT TESTED)
2.) 4.53 CEX

Update: I forgot to include patched vsh which caused no in-game screenshot, no reactpsn, and some unsigned apps throwing message of error.. its recommended to update:

Now I present you db ofw 4.53:

1.) 2 ecdsa patched to allow installation of CFW over DB OFW of mine

4.53 Downgrade Patches (Rogero):

Here are the 4.53 patches needed for downgrading firmware with a Hardware Flasher and Rogero's PS3 Flash Auto Patcher.

  • For 4.53 OFW downgrading

Update 2: Habib / Cobra 4.53 v1.00 CFW is also released now (via, with details below.

Download: HABIB_COBRA 4.53 V1.00.PUP (194.36 MB)

MD5: 8BA29AFCAFE8CF3D3543D13CB4A3C553

To quote: PRX loading at startup, iso mounting, ntfs support are working but however i didn't test ps2 as i don't have bc consoles and didn't patch for ps3 slim as ps2 classic and cobra uses same ps2_netemu.

Known bugs:

1. psp of cobra gives black screen but remasters work (might be addressed in future)
2. mmcm (not iris) gives black screen if controller not connected (most likely mm issue as iris loads without a prob)


1. ps2 isos for slim is ps2 classic as cobra and ps2 classic uses same ps2_netemu
2. mmcm shows fw version 4.46 for unknown reason

ALSO: i got no bc console to test ps2 so pls do test and if any issue, i'll try to resolve.


All the other patches of a cfw is included.


1. kokotonix for trying to help
2. user for helping me in clarifying some things up (rtoc)
3. deank for his mm
4. naehwert
5. failoverflow
6. all other devs

TO OTHER DEVS: stage0 base needs updating and stage1 flash_mount_446.S.flash mount uses ppc 64 bit instructions found in lv2_kernel and in lv2_dump,if you do not do this or the system cant allocate stage2 then it will kick you in recovery mode.

TO PREVENT COPY-CATERS: signatures on offset 10108 of lv0.elf

WHAT I HEARD: mmcm can work without connecting controller to ps3 by changing its id (BLES80608) TO ANYTHING ELSE. THIS COBRA PORT IS DONE FIRST TIME BY ME, SO I MAY PROVIDE UPDATES OVER TIME.


1. disabled block of peek by cobra which cause black screen if controller not connected through usb (Thanks Deank for your idea )


1. Fixed recovery mode hang.if anyone is stuck in recovery,pls follow these


  • Install a different hdd
  • Follow instructions
  • Install my CFW (the new version of 4.53 cobra or search for 4.46 V1.03A of Cobra)

2. Fixed PS2 bug ONLY on BC Consoles (not tested as i don't have bc console.if it still doesn't work, i need a good tester with bc console)


1. PSP support fixed
2. Restored original ps2 emus. you can use ps2 classic as compatibility is same for cobra and ps2classic for ps3 slim. i can't fix ps2 issue of bc consoles as i don't have any, so compatibility between cobra and ps2classic on bc ps3 will vary...

Habib 4.53 V1.00, V1.01 and DB OFW for PS3 Custom Firmware Out

Habib 4.53 V1.00, V1.01 and DB OFW for PS3 Custom Firmware Out

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#198 - Speedlounge - November 9, 2014 // 4:19 pm
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killah cfw

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Very nice.

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sweet thanks for this i will test this out..

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does this really work ?

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Good updates

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