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September 10, 2013 // 9:51 pm - Following up on the previous Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition PSN leak, today I have made available a GTA5 Emblem Creator with details below followed by a few bug fixes.

Download: GTA5 Emblem Creator / GTA5 Emblem Creator (Fix) / GTA5 Emblem Creator (Trial Removed) / Emblem Creator Update

It allows users to create emblems from images for Rockstar Social Club. These emblems can be activated for your crew and used in game.

Note: Requires .NET Framework 4


GTA5 Emblem Creator for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on PS3 Arrives

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#277 - RosaGardiner - September 15, 2013 // 8:11 am
RosaGardiner's Avatar
Have been waiting so long for this. need some updates and then i'll be on my way to try it out!

#276 - ppr2012 - September 15, 2013 // 7:04 am
ppr2012's Avatar
whats downloadable size for GTA V and how much is its size on ps3 after install (have got less space left) and will it work on rebug 4.21 with mm patch.. any answers... thanks....

#275 - msam17 - September 15, 2013 // 12:03 am
msam17's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Daveyshamble501 View Post
The safelink for opoisso's GTA V fix is in the wrong format

it is .7z extension. open with winrar no issues.

#274 - StevenTj - September 14, 2013 // 11:21 pm
StevenTj's Avatar
FAITH GENESIS RAVEN that one valid.

FAITHGENESISRAVEN is for the old one.

#273 - akimazaki - September 14, 2013 // 11:08 pm
akimazaki's Avatar
invalid password.. why?

#272 - StevenTj - September 14, 2013 // 8:34 pm
StevenTj's Avatar
Use from Duplex





#271 - Daveyshamble501 - September 14, 2013 // 8:14 pm
Daveyshamble501's Avatar
The safelink for opoisso's GTA V fix is in the wrong format

#270 - Starchild2k - September 14, 2013 // 1:47 pm
Starchild2k's Avatar
Just to let everyone know the psn conversion works likes a charm if you follow the instructions I did, also this game plays from app_home which is great news for dex users. I tested this with Dex Game Mounter and it loaded perfectly!

#269 - JAYRIDER666 - September 14, 2013 // 1:00 pm
JAYRIDER666's Avatar
The game works on Rogero 4.30 V 2.05 Nice!

#268 - hat3ck - September 14, 2013 // 12:43 pm
hat3ck's Avatar
its a problem for me everything it says i did but it seems no hope for me.

i update my firmware to rebug there isnt no hope its my chance