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85w ago - Following up on the previous Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) PS3 Digital Edition PSN leak, today I have made available a GTA5 Emblem Creator with details below followed by a few bug fixes.

Download: GTA5 Emblem Creator / GTA5 Emblem Creator (Fix) / GTA5 Emblem Creator (Trial Removed) / Emblem Creator Update

It allows users to create emblems from images for Rockstar Social Club. These emblems can be activated for your crew and used in game.

Note: Requires .NET Framework 4


GTA5 Emblem Creator for Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) on PS3 Arrives

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#345 - Appo - 16w ago
Appo's Avatar
Hallo everyone, I am new here.

I am searching for someone, who can help me out, i have a ps3 with cfw everything.

But i need the gta mod menu, i cant find it is here somebody that can help me out.. big thanks

#344 - Berdaay - 16w ago
Berdaay's Avatar
I'm new here and I need to learn exactly how to mod my ps3.

#343 - lance132 - 16w ago
lance132's Avatar
can you debug npeb version of gta 5?

#342 - GiuLiAn0 - 20w ago
GiuLiAn0's Avatar
BiG ThX !

#341 - Rudi Rastelli - 20w ago
Rudi Rastelli's Avatar
Really nice

#340 - turbo93 - 20w ago
turbo93's Avatar
Thank you. -_-

#339 - sunset0202 - 20w ago
sunset0202's Avatar
thanks, that's great

#338 - Mohamed5910 - 20w ago
Mohamed5910's Avatar
Thanks i hope its works

#337 - luizfabriciodss - 24w ago
luizfabriciodss's Avatar
very good post

#336 - emblemcreator - 80w ago
emblemcreator's Avatar
Emblem Creator update

Download: (4.9 MB)

  • Trial removed
  • Error messages fixed until Rockstar changes their edit pages again