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66w ago - Following up on the previous revisions, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Gamesonic has updated his GameSonic Manager to version 2.00 for running PS3 game backups on Custom Firmware (CFW) with details below.

Download: Gamesonic_Manager_v2.00.rar / Source_Gamesonic_Manager_v2.00.rar

Below are the changes, roughly translated: The developer Orion in 24 hours releases a further Gamesonic Manager update in version 2.00 including retroarch emulator and fixed some problems with the Cfw Habib Cobra version 4.46.

Changelog v2.00:

  • The control will automatically control fan of webman
  • Fixed various bugs in file manager
  • Added retroarch to the manager (as default manager core open vba you can safely change)
  • Faster booting manager almost instantly
  • Increased stability of the manager
  • Remember that the latest patches Showtime and Retroarch were made compatible for the manager from our Team Gamesonic

GameSonic Manager v2.00 PS3 Backup Game Manager for CFW Released

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#168 - arkin - 17w ago
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Going to try this one soon. Thanks!

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thank you!!

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thanks for share the news!

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great thanks

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Nice news.

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Many thanks

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good updates

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Thanks man

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#159 - Ziggyro - 17w ago
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Thanks for this man. I like this over Multiman