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November 26, 2013 // 8:56 pm - Following up on the previous update, today Italian PlayStation 3 developer Orion has updated Gamesonic Manager to version 1.10 for running PS3 game backups on Custom Firmware (CFW).

Download: GameSonic_Manager_v1.10.rar / GameSonic Manager Ode Version.rar / GameSonic Manager Source Code.rar

To quote, roughly translated: Hi guys, I know I have not even gone two days, but here's a new release of our new manager manager. In this I added very little compared to version 1.05 CFW right, but the biggest news is the version heard that it is finally ready.


  • Completely built from the source code of Ps3Ita Manager 1:51 (thank the team ps3ita).
  • Full Discless for CFW 3.55-4.30-4.41-4.46-4.50.
  • Full support for all cfw 4:21 to 4:50 is that CEX DEX.
  • Updated fan control utility to 2.01.
  • Added by Iris Manager GUI Icons.
  • Control fan set to Disable by default it will be up to users whether to enable the payload or not.
  • Full support for all PS3/PS1 games.
  • Added support for devices and NTFS boot iso from these units.
  • Added full support for cfw cobra.
  • Detection of games in GAMEZ folder-GAMES.
  • Remapping keys like the one made by Aldo Vargas has his manager.
  • Updated AppId to GMAN.
  • Holding down R2 or L2 while you start the program you will enter directly in File Manager mode without scanning to begin the games.
  • Added progress bar while the games are being scanned.
  • Disabling re-scan of the games when you exit the File Manager.
  • Added option to disable the loading of the payload for the Fan Control Utility.
  • Changed the colors, table set-point temperature, some labels, etc. ..
  • See thumbnail images on the File Manager (in jpeg and png).
  • Added support for ISO splittate (ISO.0, ISO.1 .. in uppercase) to the File Manager.
  • Custom FTP commands (SITE SHUTDOWN, REBOOT SITE).
  • Fixed several bugs that were present in v1.05.


I made ​​this version through the magnificent app installer disc, in fact in the package you will find a version 3k3y ode and a version cobra ode. I have not tested this version because I do not own an ode but it should work, please report any malfunctions.


Finally, here is the source code of my manager, which is a mixture of the source code of ps3ita manager and manager of Iris Official. Anyone who decides to release a fork of this manager or others based on iris to release the source code respecting the will of Estwald, I could not release the source code with the first 2 release as my line makes it difficult for me to upload files, but I solved the problem.

Hope you like the work done by me, and Gamesonic Pullecalo, thank you.

Finally, from aldostools: That source code *IS* IRISMAN 2.60B-6. Just name and a couple of icons changed... What's new in this clone, apart from promote their site through the work from others? No new functions, no new payloads, no new nothing... just copy, paste & rename.

GameSonic Manager v1.10 PS3 Backup Game Manager for CFW Arrives

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#267 - PS4 News - October 1, 2015 // 1:25 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Thanks for the mirrors, I linked them in the main article now and +Rep HackTheNet

#266 - HackTheNet - September 30, 2015 // 10:00 am
HackTheNet's Avatar
New Version online !


Gamesonic Manager v3.74

Mirrors Download:


#265 - olib73 - September 24, 2015 // 12:37 pm
olib73's Avatar
thanks, good news

#264 - MUSASHI19841984 - September 12, 2015 // 3:45 pm
MUSASHI19841984's Avatar

awesome news

#263 - ahmadfe - September 11, 2015 // 9:03 am
ahmadfe's Avatar
nice to who have 4.75

#262 - shiki2233 - September 11, 2015 // 3:36 am
shiki2233's Avatar
Downloading it now

#261 - DJTOQUES210 - September 11, 2015 // 3:05 am
DJTOQUES210's Avatar
Very good update, must try

#260 - twilightmodz - September 9, 2015 // 6:32 pm
twilightmodz's Avatar
good stuff dude !

keep up the great work !

#259 - er1c4 - September 9, 2015 // 5:00 pm
er1c4's Avatar
Awesome! Sweet Update!

#258 - ronvbommel - September 9, 2015 // 4:49 pm
ronvbommel's Avatar
nice update, cant wait to use it