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Disable PS3 Cinavia DRM Check Now with PS3MFW Builder Patch

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191w ago - This weekend PS3 developer tical has released a change_cinavia_files.tcl Cinavia patch for PS3 MFW Builder which disables the Cinavia DRM check for PlayStation 3 Modified Firmware users.

Download: change_cinavia_files.tcl / GIT

To quote: I have traced the Cinavia DRM checks to 4 separate sprx files and after a long time trying to patch these files I have found that 3 of those files are present in the DEBUG (DEX) firmware don't have the Cinavia DRM checks enabled. Files are videoplayer_util sprx, videoplayer_plugin sprx and videoeditor_plugin sprx.

I have successfully copied these 3 sprx files from DEBUG (DEX) FW 341 over to my retail PS3 unit running OFW 341 using dev_blind and Cinavia seems to be now disabled. I've confirmed this by playing back a number of Cinavia affected video files.

This means that Cinavia is now disabled for all DLNA playback and copying, but Cinavia checks on AVCHD and BD playback are still present with Message Code 3 that mutes the audio as the sprx file with the Cinavia check bdp_plugin sprx is not present in DEX firmware because BD playback is disabled in DEBUG. If someone is able to patch Cinavia out of bdp_plugin sprx this will be solved too.

I have created a new task for PS3MFW so this can be easily made part of any new MFW's as needed. Any FW version that has had the DEX firmware leaked should be able to be used to create a CFW of the same version. eg DEX 3.41 -> MFW 341 or DEX 355 -> MFW 355 etc etc. Don't use sprx files from different FW versions! See git hacks for change_cinavia_files task source.

Big thanks to the KaKaRoTo and REBUG team for their community contributions as this would have never been possible without the knowledge they've shared with us.


In related news, PlayStation 3 developer DanyL has made available PSHeb Project v0.1, a Hebrew Language on PS3 Language_Pack.tcl and PS3 .RCO Language Extraction Tool alongside his GIT Repo for use with PS3MFW Builder.

From the GIT, to quote: This is a language pack for language_pack.tcl, which is a task for PS3MFW.

  • There are still a lot of typos, and it'll take me a years to correct it myself - so please join PSheb project and help me to correct any typo.
  • Because the PS3 isn't a native Right-To-Left, the translation should be reversed, for example if you want to write "ABCD", you'll write "DCBA" instead.
  • Sony are using illegal charters (such as "<>") in her xml language files, so I had to remove theme all.

PS3 XMB Translation Guide:

This guide will explain you how to translate the XMB and uselanguage_pack.tcl PS3MFW task.

LP structure:




1. Create a folder - this will be our working directory.

2. If the language you want to translate XMB to is using unsupported font glyphs, you'll have to include a modified PS3 font.

How to add glyphs to fonts?

I personally use font creator, open 2 fonts: the one I want to modify, and another one that contains the glyphs that I want to add.

Than all I need to do is to copy & paste the glyphs from one font to the other, and assign any glyph to it's letter.

* I modify "SCE-PS3-DH-R-CGB.TTF", but this should work with any font.

When you finished modifying your font, create the folder "font" inside your working directory, and put you modified font in there.

3. Extract language XML files from RCO files

Here you have two options:

1) Extract them one by one using RCOmage (CLI or GUI).

2) Using LP_RCO to automatically extract language XML files from all RCO files (or writing your own script).

* For those who doesn't use LP_RCO:

You should extract only one language file from each RCO file (for example "English.XML").

name each language file by the RCO file it was extracted from.

Now create a folder named "replace" in your working directory, and place all the extracted language files in it.

4. The translation itself

This is the exhausting stage, where you should just translate any string in the language files you extracted in charter 3.

* You should translate only the string between the and tags.

You could let Google to translate it for you, but then you'll have to fix formatting and all Sony's "special" glyphs (such as the "cross" symbol), and of course to correct all the typos.

5. Packing everything into LP

Use any tar compression tool, and compress the root of your working directory, and named it "name.LP".

6. The "edit option":

There is also the "edit" option in language_pack.tcl task, which allow you to fix typos in several RCOs and languages.

Create a folder named "edit" inside you working directory.

Extract the language XML files you want to edit, and put them inside a directory named by the RCO file they extracted from.

Now all you got to do is to edit the language files.

7. All you need now is to build your MFW with your new language pack!

Take attention that you don't have to include any of those folders inside your LP - include them only if you want to use their function.

Good luck!

Disable PS3 Cinavia DRM Check Now with PS3MFW Builder Patch

Disable PS3 Cinavia DRM Check Now with PS3MFW Builder Patch

Stay tuned for more PS3 Hacks and PS3 CFW news, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and drop by the PS3 Hacks and PS3 Custom Firmware Forums for the latest PlayStation 3 scene and PlayStation 4 scene updates and fresh homebrew PS3 Downloads. Enjoy!

Comments 71

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#21 - BEHNAM777 - 191w ago
BEHNAM777's Avatar
yes or no! 3.6x not cfw created in few days!!!

the most modchip only for hacked..

#20 - MrCoolSpan - 191w ago
MrCoolSpan's Avatar
If I remember correctly, there was a post one week ago about the 3.6 keys, the well soon be around, but the one who finding them is on holiday...

#19 - Seraphim863 - 191w ago
Seraphim863's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by pdscoelho View Post
The whining for the keys needs to stop. Its obvious that you're CFW PS3 already performs many more functions than a OFW PS3 and will keep getting better. Free region Blu-ray for example.

Actually, my girlfriend updated my 2nd JB PS3 because she wanted to watch Netflix. I'm stuck with OFW until the 3.6X keys are out >_<

Proof that women and technology don't mix

#18 - dyceast - 191w ago
dyceast's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Sleepdroid View Post
I hope the day is coming soon. So the 3.6x people stop whining on every Ps3 forum.

1 day it will... And then the noobys will be moaning about 3.7x keys LOL...

#17 - pdscoelho - 191w ago
pdscoelho's Avatar
The whining for the keys needs to stop. Its obvious that you're CFW PS3 already performs many more functions than a OFW PS3 and will keep getting better. Free region Blu-ray for example.

#16 - Sostanco - 191w ago
Sostanco's Avatar
nice news thx!

#15 - Sleepdroid - 191w ago
Sleepdroid's Avatar
I hope the day is coming soon. So the 3.6x people stop whining on every Ps3 forum.

#14 - DMagic1 - 191w ago
DMagic1's Avatar
Can't wait for someone to disable it in BD. I been wanting that for the longest.

#13 - PS4 News - 191w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
My guess is because most end-users (developers excluded) seem to dwell on how to play the newest PS3 games for free, rather than things that have been around like PS1/PS2 games, emulators, etc.

I guess at least they are being honest... other PS3 homebrew is always nice, but I don't think the day will come when their interest in it exceeds that of getting the 0-day games working without paying for them.

#12 - Sleepdroid - 191w ago
Sleepdroid's Avatar
Why the heck are all wining about 3.6x cfw. When news popup on any site about PS3, I see people say "no 3.6x cfw or keys , the ps3 scene is dead" i'm tired of this.

ThaNX for this wonderful news about Disable PS3 Cinavia DRM check.


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