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October 15, 2013 // 9:18 pm - Following up on PS3Ultimate 4.50 PS3 CFW v1.04, today PlayStation 3 developer RazorX returns with a Cinavia Protection PS3 Installer PKG for Custom Firmware which allows users to remove and restore it on 3.55, 4.21, 4.46 and 4.50 followed by a v1.01, v1.02 and v1.03 (by bitsbubba) update.

Download: Cinavia Protection Installer.pkg (49.46 MB) / Cinavia Protection v1.01 Installer.pkg (50.09 MB) / PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.02.pkg / PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.02.pkg (Mirror) / PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03.pkg / PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03 (Mirrors) / PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(full).pkg

To quote: Hey guys, here is a little something I've put together for you it has the ability to remove and restore cinavia protection on 3.55, 4.21, 4.46 & 4.50.

Just install the pkg, load it up and choose your option its as simple as that really.


UPDATE v1.01:

  • Updated App To Remove & Restore Cinavia From BD's On 4.46 & 4.50 (Thanks to HABIB)

UPDATE v1.02:

  • Added 4.53-4.65 compatibility
  • Removed unnecessary files for faster install (and smaller pkg)
  • Renamed to PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool (tool instead installer as it Removes/Restores Cinavia)

UPDATE v1.03:

  • Added Full Cinavia patches (BD/HDD) for CFWs: 3.55, 4.21, 4.30, 4.31, 4.40, 4.41, 4.46, 4.50, 4.53, 4.55, 4.60, 4.65

Thanks smhabib, Mysis, Joonie, Matsumot0, aldostools, Kratos77. It's been brought to my attention (by aldostools) that this app is quite large, so I bring to you individual FW pkgs (linked above)

  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(3.55).pkg 21.0MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.21).pkg 21.9MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.30).pkg 21.9MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.31).pkg 21.9MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.40).pkg 22.0MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.41).pkg 22.0MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.46).pkg 22.0MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.50).pkg 22.2MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.53).pkg 22.7MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.55).pkg 22.7MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.60).pkg 23.0MB
  • PS3Ultimate Cinavia Protection Tool v1.03(4.65).pkg 23.0MB

Cinavia Protection PS3 Installer By RazorX for Custom Firmware Out

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#2 - seeman - October 7, 2013 // 7:02 pm
seeman's Avatar
this looks interesting... does it play psp games? rogero had issues... with what button or combo can i take screenshoots?

btw i got a very dumb question about react psn... in some cfw react psn is build in.. what does this mean? i don't need to install react psn?

#1 - PS4 News - October 7, 2013 // 6:29 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on his previous release and PS3 TV Application, today PlayStation 3 developer RazorX returns with PS3Ultimate 4.50 PS3 CFW v1.01 followed by v1.02, v1.03 and v1.04 with details below.

Download: 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.01.PUP (201.06 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate CFW (201.11 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.00.PUP (Test Version - only tested on PS3 phat CECH-K03 PAL - NOR) / (New NTSC Wave tested on CECH-2001B via Joonie86) by flynhigh09 / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.01-1.PUP (201.10 MB) / add_pkg_file.tcl by RazorX / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.02.PUP (201.10 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.02.PUP (Mirror) / System Manager (10.92 MB) / PS3Ultimate Manager v1.01.pkg (1.37 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.02 Fix Installer.pkg (Fixes Video Streaming And Playback Only Use On v1.02 - 7.05 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.03.PUP (201.03 MB) / 4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.04.PUP (200.99 MB) / PS3Ultimate Manager (RCO FREE) v1.05.pkg (9.57 MB)

4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.01.PUP MD5: 8E584B8940BC2F14F04A9DCFDE2EFF17
4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.00.PUP MD5: 13FE17D6EFC22E97F089833E7A0EE3A0
4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.01 CFW (New NTSC Wave): A1FD628FEC903BAE50509E16894FE3CB
4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.02 CFW MD5: B101AE7C474146B35BA66C89963F161D
4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.03 CFW MD5: 8CD4BD40B212331945F4C3B5B77A75FC
4.50 PS3Ultimate v1.04 CFW MD5: C612A8D39B159E9EC12C44E9A615793A

To quote: 4.50 PS3Ultimate CFW v1.00

Hey guys, here is a 4.50cfw i created for you to take a look at hope you like it. Play games up to 4.50.


patched to allow running of unsigned applications
patched to add reactpsn online/offline
patched lv0
patched lv1
patched lv2 for peek&poke access
patched to allow installation of pseudo-retail and debug packages
patched spp verifier
patched spu pkg rvk verifier
patched spu token processor
patched to allow installation of packages
patched to enable screenshot for ps3, psp & minis
added PS3Ultimate Manager to pup (install from install package files)
renamed multiple xmb categories
replaced startup message (warning & photosensitive epilepsy)
patched all self/sprx to secure privacy (except
replaced xmb wave
cleaned up various categories
replaced coldboot & sound
patched registry for sorting games alphabetically
changed default theme


  • Install from xmb or recovery menu
  • Need qa flagged ps3

Tested on:

  • cechk03
  • cechl01

Region Codes:

  • The region code for PAL = 51 52 43 43 00 08 79 80
  • The region code for NTSC = 51 52 43 46 00 00 01 10
  • The Rebug code = 51 52 43 43 00 08 9a e0 = possibly universal?


  • Fixed Issue With 2 "Install Package Files"
  • Changed Image Version To 99999
  • Added PS3Ultimate Manager v1.01 (Removes Lovefilm & Netflix Icons)


  • Fixed Issue With Video Streaming & Video Playback


  • Added PS3Ultimate Manager v1.01 Link Below (Removes Lovefilm & Netflix Icons)

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