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September 11, 2013 // 4:33 pm - Following up on the previous updates, today PlayStation homebrew developer Primetime43 has released a Black Ops 1 RTM (Real Time Modding) Tool for PS3 with details below.

Download: Black Ops 1 Tool.rar / EBOOT.BIN.BO1 mp (primetime43's Black Ops 1 eboot for multiplayer for the program) / .NET Framework 4.5

To quote: Hey there PSX, here is a much better tool of a tool that I released for Black Ops 1 real time modding way back when.

The tool requires you to have a DEX ps3, the tools works by rtm (real time modding), it edits the memory of the game. You don't need any .dlls, the only thing you got to make sure you have is Net Framework 4.5.

In related PlayStation 3 news, PS3 developer __NzV__ has made available (via a BO2 GSC Injector with source code included and details below, as follows:

Download: BO2 GSC Injector v1.19.4

To quote: This tools allow you to inject one or more (like in Gr3Zz v4.0 Zombie) GSC files in Black Ops 2 1.19.

Supports TMAPI /CCAPI / PS3MAPI. This tools uses RPC, so you need to be in a game to inject, and restart a new game to see your menu.

Only work with already compiled gsc files ! Use GSC Studio ( (Editor -> Export project to a compiled script file.) or GameScriptCompiler_v2 (

How-to Inject Multi-GSC Files: Just inject the first gsc file, change path and inject the next gsc file, redo the same if you have others file to inject.

Version 1.19.4 Only support CCAPI 2.6, use the old Version 1.19.2 (don't use anti-ban of this version on zombie) for CCAPI 2.0/2.5 User!

Black Ops 1 RTM (Real Time Modding) Tool for PS3 by Primetime43 Out

Black Ops 1 RTM (Real Time Modding) Tool for PS3 by Primetime43 Out

Black Ops 1 RTM (Real Time Modding) Tool for PS3 by Primetime43 Out

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#189 - racer0018 - June 11, 2015 // 10:01 pm
racer0018's Avatar
Are you talking like multi player hacks or single player. Thanks

#188 - Tristanoutnumbe - June 11, 2015 // 8:40 am
Tristanoutnumbe's Avatar
may i have the black ops 2 ps3 mods or hacks links plz? i really want them

#187 - lemoi - March 30, 2015 // 2:00 pm
lemoi's Avatar
very nice

i like it too, the maker of this is awesome

#186 - reaper078 - March 28, 2015 // 4:46 pm
reaper078's Avatar
keep up the good work.

#185 - pfernandez88 - March 28, 2015 // 8:18 am
pfernandez88's Avatar
Thanks man..!!!

#184 - PS4 News - March 20, 2015 // 5:27 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Not sure what you are seeking to do but... you are a Contributor now, so you will be able to view links and downloads once you reload the page if that is what ya mean.

#183 - wiccangrl - March 20, 2015 // 5:25 am
wiccangrl's Avatar
I am not sure what to do i only see mine and your comment

#182 - PS4 News - March 20, 2015 // 5:21 am
PS4 News's Avatar
I merged your post in the ongoing topic for it, there are several mods and tool articles within it such as THIS one which may be of use.

#181 - wiccangrl - March 20, 2015 // 5:14 am
wiccangrl's Avatar
I am new here can anyone help and point me in the right direction for a ps3 mod for bo2?

#180 - PS4 News - February 6, 2015 // 11:01 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by JerryClinton View Post
Call Of Duty: Black Ops II PS3 Modding Tool was removed from Mediafire, that link is dead

See this post for a mirror link: