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June 29, 2011 // 11:34 am - Today an Ape Escape (BCES01186) PS3 Custom Firmware patch fix has arrived for the PlayStation Move version courtesy of Lightyear and made by uksmokey, which includes both 3.55 and 3.41 support.

Download: Ape Escape PS3 3.55 and 3.41 EBOOT / SFO Fixes / Ape Escape PS3 3.55 EBOOT Fix (Mirror) / Ape Escape PS3 3.55 EBOOT Fix (Mirror #2)

To quote: Just replace the EBOOT & PARAM.SFO files in the game with the ones included below... if Multiman asks to patch the SFO, allow it to do so.


After loading the calibration screen just press start on the black screen and it will load... just press start once you get a black screen.

To fix black screens and movies missing, just rename the folder movie_e to movie... That's all

Confirmed working via external PS3 HDD in multiMAN PlayStation 3 Game Backup Manager by pressing SELECT+X.

Ape Escape PS Move PS3 Custom Firmware Patch Fix Arrives

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#5 - uksmokey - June 30, 2011 // 1:30 am
uksmokey's Avatar
ok i did try to up um here but did not know how to.


#4 - PS4 News - June 30, 2011 // 1:19 am
PS4 News's Avatar
If you want I can add your nick to the first post uksmokey... for the future, another thing you can do is to submit any fixes to the Member News that you make and we will post them to the main page ASAP.

#3 - uksmokey - June 30, 2011 // 1:17 am
uksmokey's Avatar
this was my work, not happy.. see my torrents, i found and made all this

Lightyear you are sad, nick my stuff say its yours

#2 - PS4 News - June 29, 2011 // 9:11 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Just keep trying, it works fine here

#1 - dollies - June 29, 2011 // 8:56 pm
dollies's Avatar
please your fix to a different file share, megaupload is unavailable ...