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83w ago - Following up on the previous updates, today PlayStation 3 developer ThePaaqoHD has made available a real-time all CoD modding tool for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3 and Black Ops 2 on PS3.

Download: All_Cod_Tool_By_ThePaaqoHD.rar

To quote: Hello NGU, today i want to release my all COD RTM Tool. I added a few NEW offsets (Thanks to mango_knife and razormind) and used a devexpress form. I will update this topic soon with a new version..

Features (Going by the name of tabs):

  • MW3: Class Editing, Anti God Mode Classes, Game M0Dz, Mod Menu, GameSendServerCommand
  • Modern Warfare 2: Stats, GameSendServerCommand
  • Black Ops: Stats, GameSendServerCommand
  • Black Ops 2: Multiplayer, Zombies, XP Lobby & Server_Commands
  • FMT Crack: Cracked Memories v3 Elite Menu, MW2 Reborn v3, MW3 Recovery Tool, BO2 MP Mod Menu
  • Extras: MW2, Black Ops, MW3, Black Ops 2: Debug Eboot & Debug Self


ThePaaqoHD (Creating this Tool)




All CoD Tool By ThePaaqoHD Arrives, Real-Time CoD PS3 Modding

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#117 - chaopower - 26w ago
chaopower's Avatar
hi, just i wanna give an idea for the zombie one, I would want to know if it was possible to put a give # points? it would be awesome!

#116 - vanMarwijk - 26w ago
vanMarwijk's Avatar
Great work guys, cheers.

#115 - Asif Khan - 26w ago
Asif Khan's Avatar
what are spoofers? how do they work?

#114 - Coolman360 - 26w ago
Coolman360's Avatar
Thanks now i can mod But do i need to jailbreak ps3? and how do i do it and which firmwall Please help me and Thanks

#113 - rickyita - 27w ago
rickyita's Avatar

now awaiting the next update.

#112 - PS4 News - 27w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by bling6111 View Post
the link to Call Of Duty: Black Ops II PS3 Modding Tool is dead.

can i please have a new link to the BOII modding tool?

If you can give me a link to the article or post the dead link is in I will try to update it with a working one.

#111 - Gfunkerror - 27w ago
Gfunkerror's Avatar
thx for all the help guys!!!

#110 - bling6111 - 27w ago
bling6111's Avatar
the link to Call Of Duty: Black Ops II PS3 Modding Tool is dead.

can i please have a new link to the BOII modding tool?

#109 - windrider42 - 27w ago
windrider42's Avatar
Read some of this first:

Then make another qualifying post and you should see downloads

#108 - Fluffykidd - 27w ago
Fluffykidd's Avatar
i just became a member but i can't find the download button, if anything can someone do the hack for me.. PSN account is F(i)uffykidd or add me and we can chat on a BO2 sesh.