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Video: Sony PS4 User's Guide Now Online, How to Capture Gameplay

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72w ago - Sony has published the official PS4 User's Guide online today (available HERE) alongside a video below on how to capture PlayStation 4 gameplay from MrVg247 via YouTube.

It also appears that the PS4 don't support 3D Blu-ray format among others, as follows:

Supported disc formats

  • Blu-ray Disc
  • BD-ROM*1
  • DVD
  • DVD-R/RW*2 (video mode, VR mode*3)
  • DVD+R/RW*2

*1Hybrid discs are supported.
*2AVCHD is supported.
*3CPRM is supported.

Playback of the following types of discs is not supported:

  • CD
  • BD-RE ver.1.0
  • BD-R/RE XL
  • Blu-ray 3D
  • DVDs that have not been finalized.

From the video's caption: SO, you've got your PS4? How do you setup a capture card to capture from the console? Well, you'll have to deal with HDCP and you'll probably need a better capture card for 1080p.

How to capture from a PlayStation 4

Bypass HDCP to Capture PS4 Gameplay Footage

Finally, from the PS4 manual below is how to command the PS4 with your voice:

Operating the system with your voice

You can use your voice to perform operations on the home screen and other areas. For voice input, use a headset (included) or the microphones on a PlayStation Camera.

1. Say "PlayStation". The microphone icon and the operations that can be performed next are displayed. The microphone icon lights up in blue during voice recognition.

2. Choose the operation you want to perform from the items that are displayed, and then say it.

  • If you don't say an operation within 10 seconds or if you operate the system with the controller, the voice recognition feature is disabled.
  • On the home screen, you can enable and disable the voice recognition feature with the L2 button on the controller.
  • Even if you are playing a game, you can say "PlayStation" and then say one of the following commands to perform operations.
  • Home Screen
  • Take Screenshot
  • Log In
  • To use the voice recognition feature, you must set a checkmark in (Settings) > [System] > [Operate PS4 with Voice].
  • If a headset and a PlayStation Camera are both connected to the system, only the headset's microphone is enabled.
  • Depending on the system language, English might be the only language available for voice input.
  • If there is too much ambient noise, your voice might not be recognized.

Video: Sony PS4 User's Guide Now Online, How to Capture Gameplay

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#1 - elser1 - 72w ago
elser1's Avatar
no cd? wtf they should support cd and mkv files be nice. 3d blu ray for those that have it too. thanks. 2 week and i'm on my ps4.. cant wait


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