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September 20, 2013 // 7:34 pm - Following up on his previous PlayStation 4 updates, today Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida shared details on the PS4, HDMI capture functionality, PSN download speeds and requirements for upgrading games from PS3 to PS4.

From (linked above), to quote: "The first is on the disk requirement of the upgrade of select games from the PS3 to the PS4 version. Looks like the PS4′s disk drive will have some work to do.

  • Jon Haeffele (jj75XP): So for PS3-PS4 game upgrade will the PS3 disc need to be in the PS4 once or will it be every time when trying to play the PS4 version?
  • Shuhei Yoshida (yosp): every time

The second tidbit of information is on the recently announced support of video capture via HDMI. Don’t expect it for launch, as it will be introduced afterwards with a patch.

  • Sagman12 (sagman12PC): Will HDMI capture work on day 1 or is it a patch you guys will release after the ps4 launch?
  • Shuhei Yoshida (yosp): the latter

Finally, some good news. The download speeds from the PSN have never been exactly lightning fast. Looks like things are going to improve with the PS4.

  • Mike Johnson (Broncosfan1915): Have been trying to download GTAV for the past 4 hours, still not over 30% completed. Hope downloading games is faster on the PS4
  • Shuhei Yoshida (yosp): It will be.

How will that happen? We don’t know at the moment, but it’s quite probable that Sony will invest in increasing the server count of the PSN with the PS4, especially considering that an increase in PS Plus subscribers is to be expected, given its requirement for online games."

From Engadget ( via Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2013, to quote: A couple of features we'd hoped to hear more about have been confirmed, and the first is that the PS4 camera will support both voice and gesture control. It's no surprise that the system will take full advantage of the add-on's dual cameras and four mics for people who want to wave at their TVs, but it's nice to have that confirmed.

Second, in a move that will mostly benefit game reviewers and YouTube video walkthrough experts (thanks for your help on these GTA V missions, all of you), the PlayStation 4 will allow unencrypted HDMI output for games. On the PS3 it didn't, treating games the same as Blu-ray movies, so anyone capturing video in HD needed to use component cables.

That's on top of the console's "Share" button that sends clips of gameplay straight to Ustream, Facebook or PSN. Check out our liveblog for everything else discussed tonight including the PS4's mobile apps, indie gaming and Vita TV.

Update: Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida tells us via Twitter that HDMI capture on PS4 won't be available at the console's launch this November, but "in the future."

  • Brad Douglas (kazamatsuri): I think we just announced that we're going to allow video capture of games over HDMI! "Details will follow soon."
  • Alex Jebailey (CEOJebailey): did they announce gameplay can be captured via hdmi for ps4?
  • Adam Boyes (amboyes): yep, more details to follow down the road
  • Shuhei Yoshida (yosp): We announced today that PS4 users will be able to capture their gameplay through HDMI output in the future. We'll update you when ready.

Below is a video on how to start a game with the PlayStation Camera from Shuhei Yoshida, who also states the DualShock 3 is not compatible with PS4 games on PS Vita TV.

It was confirmed at TGS 2013 that PlayStation 4 will work with XBox One's HDMI pass-through port for those curious. The confirmation from Microsoft that the Xbox One will not block the PlayStation 4's video signal comes shortly after Sony revealed that it will not prevent users from capturing video from the PS4's HDMI port.

Shuhei Yoshida talked on what kind of battery life we can expect with the Vita while enjoying remote play, when asked about the processing workload on the Vita, stating the following:

"It’s very inexpensive (in terms of processing workload). Just as much as network communication. I don’t have precise measurements, but the battery life of the PlayStation Vita will be the same as when playing a game online."

He also reassured users that are worried about the number of buttons on the PS Vita, to quote:

"However, compared to the DualShock 4 the number of buttons on the Vita is lower. Conversely the DualShock 4 has no touch screen. The DualShock 4 allows for basic gameplay on the PS4, but in order to allow you to play enjoyably with the PS Vita’s remote play, we’re asking developers to offer custom button mapping for the controller."

Finally, he shared his opinion on the remote play experience, as follows:

"Since the screen is very large, with PS vita games of course, but even when it displays PS3 games via remote play. it looks beautiful. Combine that with PS4 games and it will be amazing. For those that have a PS Vita, the value of the console will increase. If you try it by yourself, I think you’ll realize there’s no better experience."

Update #2: JMQMOfficials (via STAticKY) has now made available a guide on How to Speed Up Your PS4's Internet Connection for those interested!

Sony on PS4 HDMI Capture, PlayStation 4 PSN Download Speed, More

Sony on PS4 HDMI Capture, PlayStation 4 PSN Download Speed, More

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#12 - PS4 News - April 7, 2014 // 4:48 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Below is also a guide on How to Speed Up Your PS4's Internet Connection by JMQMOfficials (via for those interested, as follows:

In this tutorial, I will show you how to speed up your internet connection. You will need a computer and the credentials for your router.

STAticKY wrote:"DMZing" an ip address opens ALL ports that DONT have a current portforward rule.

This an extreme security risk and is why dmz's are used to catcah all "other" traffic and forward it to a server(the DMZ'd IP) that is isolated from the rest of your network.

Problem is in these setups that you describe, there is no DMZ server, just a PS3 in its place. So sure, your opening it right up so i will most probably go faster, but depending on the rest of your network, that ps3 isnt safe from me...

EDIT: also if you have multiple consoles this won't work

If there is a breach of security in your router or anything else, I will not be held responsible. You are doing this at your own risk!

First off, go to your settings:

Go to Network:

Select Set Up Internet Connection:

Choose WiFi or LAN, depending if you use a cable or not:

Select Custom:

Choose an internet connection (if you have a password, fill it in):

Now when it asks you about IP Address settings, choose manual:

Go to your computer and open up your command prompt (search -> cmd)
Type in : ipconfig/all
Remember or write down your default gateway number

You will see this image after selecting manual:

Type in the following:

IP Address - Your default gateway but the last numbers changed (ex. (recommend 3 digits)
Subnet Mask -
Default Gateway - Default gateway
Primary DNS - Default gateway
Secondary DNS - Default gateway but last number increased by 1 (ex. ->
Now select Next

Select Automatic for MTU:

Select Do Not Use on Proxy Server:

Do not test internet connected, just press O and turn off your PS4. Now you're done on your PS4 side, and onto the PC side again.

Open your browser and type in your default gateway and press enter
Log in using your router's credentials
Go to DMZ host or DMZ settings (might be in firewall settings)
Change your DMZ host address to the IP address from your PS4 (my example was
Save settings and logout
Turn on your PS4 and test your internet connection

Complete! If this does not work, change it back to their defaults.

This worked for me greatly, I had 7.2mb/s before, and now I have 14.9mb/s. Very effective.

#11 - majid25 - September 24, 2013 // 1:19 pm
majid25's Avatar
No way ps4 is going to get hacked. I'm sure they upped the security and learned from their past mistakes on the ps3

#10 - drphuz - September 23, 2013 // 11:29 pm
drphuz's Avatar
Its gonna be great til it gets hacked and then they will start taking stuff away slowly

#9 - ubadugani - September 23, 2013 // 7:05 pm
ubadugani's Avatar
Dang! so many new things going to come out this year! Too bad I can't afford these things.

#8 - StanSmith - September 22, 2013 // 10:40 pm
StanSmith's Avatar
It will be. $ony love to release a good console with good features then remove them when you are comfortable with them.

They will also release a good console then shortly after start the slow decline of quality and features.

With the PS3-PS4 upgrades what about PSN downloads? Does that mean if you have lots of PSN games they are all dead when you get a PS4 or will you be able to upgrade them to the PS4 versions?

And with the disc versions it still looks like you have to pay for them all again. You already own it but you will have to pay to play it even offline singleplayer mode? NO THANKS.

#7 - moja - September 22, 2013 // 10:02 pm
moja's Avatar
The video capture seems pretty neat. I used to record beating old NES games on a vcr.

Get off my lawn!

#6 - inginear - September 22, 2013 // 9:07 pm
inginear's Avatar
nice. the game capture via hdmi will definitely be handy for those making videos. with them making it easier i may even make some videos.

#5 - ramaa000 - September 22, 2013 // 6:06 pm
ramaa000's Avatar
Good guide

#4 - JeoWay - September 21, 2013 // 11:53 pm
JeoWay's Avatar
I'm sure someone will find a way to capture externally before patch

#3 - shummyr - September 21, 2013 // 10:50 pm
shummyr's Avatar
I just hope it is not like the ps3 where linux is introduced and then taken away.