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June 11, 2013 // 6:24 pm - Following up on their initial announcement and the PS4 teaser video, today Sony has officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 at their E3 2013 PS4 Press Conference!

Below is an ongoing PlayStation 4 video summary thus far, with more PS4 details incoming and additional PS4 hardware pictures which will be added throughout the night.

Sony also confirmed used games are no problem, there is no authentication for disc-based titles and no online check either, as follows (via

The PS4 will play used games without any restrictions or authentication. In broader terms, that means that when you purchase physical media, that disc can then be traded-in at retailers like GameStop, lent / sold to friends or kept forever as part of your enduring library. What's more, unlike Microsoft's controversial XBox One 24-hour offline gaming window, PS4 owners will not have to connect to the Internet in order to continue playing games.

However, PlayStation Plus is no longer optional on PS4 for online multiplayer... Playing online multiplayer games on PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation Plus membership, Sony said today during its E3 liveblog.

A slide shown during the presentation said "immersive multiplayer online" was a feature of PlayStation Plus. Single-player games will not require Plus, nor will accessing streaming services like Netflix, Sony said in a Tweet:

"PS4 gamers who aren't Plus members can still enjoy single-player games for free... and access to media services won't require Plus"

Effectively, that makes the PS4 fully playable offline, and for a brief instructional demo on how this used game process works check out Sony's video below.

Additionally, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the PS4's HDD is upgradable via Twitter stating, to quote:

"And yes, PS4's HDD is upgradable like PS3 <3"

And stated via Twitter that PS4 will be region free, to quote:

"And yes, PS4 is region free "

Below are some Sony promo videos revealing the all new PlayStation 4 user interface, including the PS4's game-swapping, Share button, menu and chat in action as follows:

The PlayStation 4 will be priced at $399, 399, £349 respectively based on region, and will be launching "this holiday season".

PS Vita Games

  • God Of War 1 & 2 Remastered
  • Dead Nation
  • Flower
  • Walking Dead 40 Days

PS3 Games

  • The Last Of Us
  • Puppeteer
  • Rain
  • Beyond Two Souls
  • Gran Turismo 6
  • Batman Arkham Origins
  • Grand Theft Auto 5

PS4 Games

  • Music Unlimited
  • Video Unlimited
  • Crackle
  • The Order
  • Killzone Shadow Fall
  • Drive Club
  • Infamous Second Son
  • Knack
  • The Dark Sorcerer (Prototype)
  • The Witness
  • Transistor
  • Mercenary Kings
  • OctoDad Deadly Catch
  • Secret Ponchos
  • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New N' Tasty!
  • Diablo 3
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII
  • Kingdom Hearts 3
  • Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag
  • Watch Dogs
  • NBA2K14
  • The Elders Scrolls Online
  • Mad Max
  • Destiny

From Sony President & CEO Jack Tretton (via PlayStation: The Best Place to Play

Millions of PlayStation fans around the world just watched our annual E3 press conference - marking the beginning to what will be an incredible week at E3 - and saw the amazing gaming and entertainment experiences coming to PlayStation in the near future. Above all else, what we showed tonight is our relentless focus on gamers and PlayStation's long-standing legacy to building a gaming universe without boundaries.

One of the highlights of our event tonight was the official unveil of the PlayStation 4 system and price of $399. The PS4 design is sleek and functional, and contains a powerful system architecture that will enable the industry's best developers to create amazing titles. Our Worldwide Studios team has more than 30 PS4 exclusive titles in development, 20 of which will launch during the first year of PS4. The PS4 games feature 12 completely new IPs, including a game we unveiled tonight The Order: 1886 from Ready at Dawn. We also provided updates to other exciting PS4 titles #DRIVECLUB, inFAMOUS: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and Knack.

PS4 has incredible strength among the development community, and some of the best teams in the world displayed their ground-breaking games. Bungie Studios showed, for the first-time ever, live gameplay of the highly anticipated Destiny; Ubisoft featured Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag and Watch_Dogs; Square Enix showed Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy XV; and Warner Bros. showed the world premiere for Mad Max. We also reinforced our support for independent and smaller developers with nine new titles that will debut exclusively on PlayStation 4.

It's clear that you'll have no shortage of games to play when PS4 launches. Globally there are more than 140 games in development for PS4 across our own Worldwide Studios and our development partners, including over 100 that will be available within the first year.

We also announced that PlayStation Plus memberships will carry over to PlayStation 4, so members will have access to all of the benefits across PS3, PS Vita and PS4 for one price. These benefits include online multiplayer access, exclusive discounts, cloud game saves, and Instant Game Collection, which gives members a selection of games to discover and enjoy with their friends. To celebrate the launch of PlayStation Plus on PS4, we will offer #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition in the Instant Game Collection.

Sony Pictures Entertainment joined us onstage to announce that it is working on new original programming and unique access to entertainment content on PSN and PS4. Sony Pictures Entertainment is one of the most powerful entertainment brands in the world and we look forward to bringing our fans curated content that they'll love.

In just over a year since its launch, we've built a library of more than 125 PS Vita dedicated games and the platform will only get stronger in the coming year. More than 85 games will launch by the end of the year, including The Walking Dead, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, CounterSpy, Destiny of Spirits, Doki Doki, Killzone: Mercenary and Tearaway.

The PlayStation 3 is heading into its 7th holiday season and our commitment is stronger than ever. The PS3 game lineup today is huge, starting this Friday with Game of the Year candidate The Last of Us, which is now the highest rated game for all platforms for 2012 and 2013. We have more than 300 other titles that will launch before the end of the year, such as Beyond: Two Souls, Rain, Puppeteer, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Gran Turismo 6. In addition, we announced a PS3 bundle for Grand Theft Auto V and a new GTAV branded Pulse Elite headset that comes with an exclusive GTA soundscape.

It's truly a remarkable time at PlayStation. We're on the verge of launching the most powerful gaming system ever built with the PS4 and the entire PlayStation ecosystem is expanding with the continued growth and strength of PS Vita, PS3 and PlayStation Network. I want to thank PlayStation Nation for your passion and continued support. You're the reason we continue to innovate, explore new entertainment possibilities and push the boundaries of play. I look forward to sharing more exciting details in the near future.

Jack Tretton

Update: Regarding PS4 DRM (via to quote:

Quizzed on the matter of DRM by GameTrailers, Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton said: "We create the platform. We've certainly stated that our first party games are not going to be doing that, but we welcome publishers and their business models to our platform.

"There's going to be free-to-play, there's going to be every potential business model on there. And again that's up to their relationship with the consumer."

Asked again about DRM he added: "We're not going to dictate that. We're going to give them a platform to publish on."

"The DRM decision is going to have to be in the hands of the third parties - that's not something we're going to dictate or control or mandate or implement."

Later on, another Sony boss this time from UK tried to clear up SCEA CEO's comments:

VideoGamer: Jack Tretton suggested that DRM policy [on PS4] was down to third-party publishers. Is that the case?

SCEE PR rep: We've been trying to clarify that point because obviously it seemed counter to what we said last night and... Our stance is, it'll be the same as PS3, basically. Our position, certainly from a first-party publisher is, we are not having DRM and the architecture has been built actually for that. Clearly we have to respect our third party publishers and look to them to look to their own models. That's the open system, the open relationship we have with them, but the system isn't designed to support that.

Fergal Gara, SCEE UK & Ireland MD: We think it comes down to the fact that a lot of the online gameplay will use the servers owned and operated by the third parties. It's not out of the question that they might decide they want certain passes or certain restrictions, so I think that is all that Jack was getting at. The point remains true that we are not enforcing DRM.

VideoGamer: It still seems to be unclear whether third-parties will be able to lock disc-based PS4 games to user accounts. Can you clarify whether or not they [will have that option]?

Fergal Gara: For disc-based games I believe that is not the case - we will not be locking them. It's also interesting now the Online Pass goes, so by virtue of including online multiplayer in PlayStation Plus that effectively replaces and supersedes any Online Passes that we may have used in the past.

VideoGamer: Does that apply to third-parties as well or will third parties still be able to implement Online Passes if they so wish.

Fergal Gara: I think the same will apply to them. PlayStation Plus gives you online multiplayer, so I think it would be foolish - it might still be their decision but I think it would be foolish to have a double mechanic in place for online multiplayer.

Finally, from the PlayStation 4 / PS4 Press Release PDF:


PS4's Striking, Modern Design Unveiled at E3 Press Conference, Along with Extensive Lineup of Innovative Software Titles That Deliver Gaming Experiences Never Before Possible

Tokyo, June 11, 2013 -Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) today announced that the PlayStation 4 (PS4) (CUH-1000A series) computer entertainment system will come in "Jet Black" color and will be available this holiday season in North America and Europe at a recommended retail price (RRP) of US$ 399, Canada$ 399, 399, and £ 349.

The design of PS4 made its public debut at the PlayStation press conference on June 10, 2013, which kicked off the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles. PS4 will also be displayed this week at the Sony Computer Entertainment America booth at E3, one of the world's largest video game exhibitions.

The internal design architecture of the PS4 system, from the optical drive and power supply unit to the cooling mechanism, has been pursed to keep the body as slim and light as possible to dramatically enhance the flexibility of the design.

The PS4 features a simple but modern design accentuated by its linear flat form factors. The surface of the PS4 body is subdivided into four sections, as if four blocks are stacked together making one figure, with disc slot, buttons, power indicator and vent placed within the2-2-2-2 PS4 DESIGN AND PRICE UNVEILED slim interspace created between the sections.

The power indicator designed atop the body will glow in a PlayStation blue color when the power button is turned on. The foreside and backside of the body is slightly angled; it not only gives users easy access to the power button and disc slot when placed either horizontally or vertically but also helps conceal the connected cables.

The black-themed color along with the matte and gloss finish adds a sophisticated look to the PS4 system as the next generation entertainment system and will f it perfectly wherever it is placed.

PS4 peripherals include the stand-alone Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 (DUALSHOCK 4) and PlayStation Camera, which will be available at launch for RRP of US$ 59, Canada$ 59, 59 and £ 54, and US$ 59, Canada$ 59, 49 and £ 44 respectively. Both accessories will come in "Jet Black" color.

The upcoming software lineup for PS4 from software developers and publishers will include Destiny from Bungie, Inc., in partnership with Activision Publishers, Inc., Diablo III from Blizzard Entertainment, Inc., KINGDOM HEARTS III and FINAL FANTASY XV from SQUARE ENIX, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Watch_Dogs from Ubisoft Entertainment, NBA 2K14 from 2K Sports, The Elder Scrolls Online from Bethesda Games Studios and Mad Max from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, totaling more than 110 titles.

PS4 has earned great support from a wide variety of game publishers, including many indie developers. Since February 2013, the number of developers joining has increased from 126 to 505. Furthermore, from SCE Worldwide Studios, more than 30 titles, including 12 brand new IP, are under development, including Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, inFAMOUS: Second Son, #DRIVECLUB and The Order: 1886.

*1 Out of over the 30 titles under development, 20 titles will be available within a year from the PS4 launch. SCE will vigorously promote PS4 towards the launch as the next generation computer entertainment platform through further introduction of peripherals and attractive software lineup.

*1 Game titles are original titles and some title names are tentative. Titles may differ by countries and regions.

PlayStation 4

Product name : PlayStation 4 Jet Black
Product code : CUH-1000A series 3-3-3-3 PS4 DESIGN AND PRICE UNVEILED
Recommended retail price : US $399, Canada $399, 399, and £349
Main processor : Single-chip custom processor
CPU : x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", 8 cores
GPU : 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon based graphics engine
Memory : GDDR5 8GB
Storage size : 500GB Hard disk drive* 1

External dimension : Approx. 275x53x305 mm (width x height x length) (tentative, excludes largest projection)
Mass : Approx. 2.8 kg
BD / DVD drive (read only)
BD x 6 CAV
Input/ Output : Super-Speed USBx (USB 3.0) port x 2, AUX port x 1
Networking Ethernet : (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) x1, IEEE 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1 (EDR)
AV output : HDMI out port, DIGITAL OUT (OPTICAL) port

Included PlayStation 4 system x 1
Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK 4) x 1
Mono headset x 1
AC power cord x 1
HDMI cable x 1
USB cable x 1

*1 The hard disk drive contains space that is available for users and space that is reserved for the system, therefore the actual space that is free for users is smaller than the total space stated in this document.

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Wireless Controller for PlayStation 4 (DUALSHOCK 4)

Product name : DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller
Color : Jet Black
Product code : CUH-ZCT1
Recommended retail price : US $59, Canada $59, 59, and £54
External dimensions : Approx. 162mm x 52mm x 98mm (width x height x depth) (tentative, excludes largest projection)
Weight : Approx. 210g (tentative)
Keys / switches : PS button, SHARE button, OPTIONS button, Directional buttons (Up / Down / Left / Right), Action buttons (Triangle, Circle, Cross, Square), R1/L1/R2/L2 button, Left stick / L3 button, Right stick / R3 button, Pad Button
Touch pad 2 : Point Touch Pad, Click Mechanism, Capacitive Type Motion sensor Six-axis motion sensing system (three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer)

Other features : Light Bar, Vibration, Built-in Mono Speaker
Ports : USB (Micro B), Extention Port, Stereo Headset Jack
Wireless communication : Bluetooth Ver2.1+EDR
Battery Type : Built-in Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
Voltage : DC3.7V (tentative)
Capacity : 1000mAh (tentative)

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

From Gematsu (via also comes a PlayStation 4 connected user interface video below, to quote:

A leaked promotional video for PlayStation 4 shows the system's 'connected' user interface in action.

Upon start-up, you'll see a list of horizontal squares, each containing games and other applications, and below that, a Facebook-like "What's New" feed.

On the feed, you'll see the latest updates from your friends and the network. Dragons and Cavalier (this is not a real game) might have just been added to the PlayStation Store. Or your friend Sarah might have just unlocked the Platinum trophy in Knack. You can "Thumps Up" her accomplishment, and from that same page, you can jump straight into the game.

If you're having trouble getting past a certain area, you could put the game on hold and check out a friend's video showing how they did it. Then, you can jump straight back in.

At one point in the video, a friend asks for help in Killzone: Shadow Fall. The user, who doesn't own it, purchases it from the PlayStation Store, and is given the option to download the multiplayer or single-player mode first. He chooses the former to quickly assist his friend.

Multiplayer sessions are visible from the console's user interface. The user sees three of his friends are in an open session of Killzone and joins the match straight from the OS.

Later in the video, a woman is shown watching a Killzone video a user uploaded from her phone, and sending a group message to her friends about it. From her phone, she then downloads Killzone: Shadow Fall to her PlayStation 4.

PlayStation Camera

Product name : PlayStation Camera
Color : Jet Black
Product code : CUH-ZEY1
Recommended retail price : US $59, Canada $59, 49, and £44
External dimension : Approx. 186mm x 27mm x 27mm (width x height x depth) (tentative)
Weight : Approx. 183g (tentative)
Video pixel : (Maximum) 1280 x 800 pixel x 2
Video frame rate : 1280x800 pixel at 60fps, 640x400 pixel at 120fps, 320x192 pixel at 240fps
Video format : RAW, YUV (uncompressed)
Lens : Dual Lenses, F value/F2.0 fixed focus
Capture range : 30cm~∞
Field-of-view : 85 degrees
Microphone : 4 Channel Microphone Array
Connection type PS4 : dedicated connect or (AUX connector)
Cable length : Approx. 2m (tentative)

* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Sony Officially Unveils PlayStation 4 at E3 2013 PS4 Press Conference!

Sony Officially Unveils PlayStation 4 at E3 2013 PS4 Press Conference!

Sony Officially Unveils PlayStation 4 at E3 2013 PS4 Press Conference!

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#19 - Ni72ous - June 11, 2013 // 2:33 pm
Ni72ous's Avatar
I'm glad they made a more square design, i always hated the shape of the PS3.

#18 - Tidusnake666 - June 11, 2013 // 2:21 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
For European citizens here, zavvi have opened pre-order for the price of 348.95 GBP:

I'll probably import US model, but before I have to figure - will the PS4 voltage be universal - 100-240v like psp, ps3 or vita? Or it'll be locked to specific voltage as x360/wii/wii u?

As the side note, did anyone noticed FF Versus 13 on Ps4 games list? Where's confirmation to this?

#17 - hayman - June 11, 2013 // 2:11 pm
hayman's Avatar
i meant PSN games are they playable on the ps4 ???

#16 - elser1 - June 11, 2013 // 1:35 pm
elser1's Avatar
i totally agree. its got nsa spy device written all over it.

#15 - oenone - June 11, 2013 // 1:28 pm
oenone's Avatar
does this mean the ps3 can now be more customizable since they are focusing on ps4?

#14 - hayman - June 11, 2013 // 1:26 pm
hayman's Avatar
what about the move control of the PS3 will it work with the ps4 and the games ... ?

#13 - SDF - June 11, 2013 // 1:20 pm
SDF's Avatar
Another plus, via twitter ( Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that PS4 will be region free.

"And yes, PS4 is region free "

#12 - ps33ps - June 11, 2013 // 12:32 pm
ps33ps's Avatar

USA - $399
Europe - 399 = 527 $
UK - £349 = 536 $

#11 - jarvis - June 11, 2013 // 12:24 pm
jarvis's Avatar
I'm not pre-ordering, but I am now highly interested in the PS4. You couldn't have paid me $500 to get XBoned and put one of those devices in my house.

I'm still waiting it out until we get closer to launch, just to make sure Sony doesn't have any tricks up its sleeve. From rootkits, to features being removed after purchase, it's still hard to trust them. I am hoping they have learned and are being genuine about respecting their customers and understanding wanting to actually own what you purchase.

If they stick to everything they announced with no gimmicks or hidden secrets, I do think they are going to run off with the next gen console wars. Who would put an MS box into their, knowing they were an early adopter of the NSA's PRISM program, with a device with an always on camera & mic?

You would literally have to be INSANE. And MS wants to decide who your friends are, who you can share with, and you better check in every 24 hours or no gaming for you (we promise we won't upload all the info we've been capturing while you are offline...). The new xbox literally digusts me and I will be sure to spread the word.

#10 - chiselfreak - June 11, 2013 // 11:38 am
chiselfreak's Avatar
I will be getting one. But I think it is one UGLY box