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May 21, 2013 // 9:11 pm - Today (linked above) reports that Sony India's Web site has apparently leaked the rumored PlayStation 4 / PS4 250 GB SKU retail pricing with details below.

To quote: "Sony India apparently updated (now removed) their Web site to reveal the pricing for the upcoming next generation PlayStation 4 console. It listed the console along with a 250 GB hard disk drive as retailing for 399 Euros.

Of course, a while later, they realized their slip up and proceeded to delete the information. Not before other sites could latch on to the info however (thanks NeoGAF), and report on it.

As it stands, this would validate rumours that the PlayStation 4 would be retailing for $400 to $500 dollars (with 399 Euros roughly translating into $513). While we doubt that the price in the United States would be that much, we'd be surprised if Sony priced the console lower than $400.

Of course, this hasn't been officially announced by Sony worldwide - and they would at least use a platform like E3 2013 to announce the price of the device. So remain skeptical. It could very well have been a complete slip-up or just something completely wrong that couldn't be removed quick enough."

Sony India Leaks Rumored PlayStation 4 / PS4 250 GB Retail Pricing

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#15 - richdotward - May 26, 2013 // 12:29 pm
richdotward's Avatar
Fallout 4 and I'll buy one. Otherwise just play the massive collection of ps3 games I have.


Sent from my Nexus 4.

#14 - noobtube - May 26, 2013 // 11:26 am
noobtube's Avatar
I'm with you too brother, I heard you are supposed to be able with some games

#13 - tobey parker - May 26, 2013 // 9:53 am
tobey parker's Avatar
hope I can still play my PS3 cd's on PS4...

#12 - malamig - May 26, 2013 // 8:34 am
malamig's Avatar
I hope it won't be too much $$

#11 - NotJustAnyRob - May 26, 2013 // 2:04 am
NotJustAnyRob's Avatar
Yeah, probably 10 years to hack it lol, maybe less but who knows? I'm not looking for the one that get hacked first. I'm looking for something faster and no lags at all. I don't care about the graphics to tell you the truth.

I'm good with the PS3 graphics for another 10 or more years, look at Bioshock, Deadspace, Killzone and Crysis 3. Most of the PS2 games that were good and great weren't because of the graphics (that's a fact). Even the PS2 had games with great graphics, Metal Gear Solid 3, Zone of the Enders 2, Odin Sphere!

#10 - imranulferdoues - May 26, 2013 // 1:28 am
imranulferdoues's Avatar
For PS4, looking forward to next Uncharted & inFamous. Also I heard 4k video support is possible in PS4 & not xbox one.

And for consoles, looking forward to the one which get hacked first between PS4 and Xbox One.

#9 - Natepig - May 25, 2013 // 5:52 pm
Natepig's Avatar
I bet it takes years, like ps3, if at all.

#8 - noobtube - May 25, 2013 // 12:46 pm
noobtube's Avatar
How quick it can be hacked

#7 - Natepig - May 25, 2013 // 8:02 am
Natepig's Avatar
With the super charge in power and ram, what are you looking forward to most, that will be possible with PS4?

I would like to see a massively detailed crowd in new Fifa games. With all that ram it must now be possible to have each spectator be individually controlled with algorithms, to give a much more organic and realistic stadium.

#6 - Natepig - May 25, 2013 // 7:55 am
Natepig's Avatar
I love how its coming in time for Christmas. I have 2 young sons so my wife won't object to buying 2, because I tell her the kids will be freaks if we don't get them.