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78w ago - Below is a picture of a fan-made PS4 case modification that introduces an NES themed retro look on the PlayStation 4 video gaming system.

We will add more PS4 mods to this article as they surface, and to quote:

While we don’t have much choice when it comes to official colors for PlayStation 4, we can customize it to our heart’s content. One user made this NES themed PS4 and it is definitely worth a look for sure.

This custom painted PS4 is themed after Nintendo’s classic NES. The colors work quite well and make for a beautiful looking PS4 system, that would be a dream come true for every retro console lover. The only thing that will make this even better is NES themed DualShock 4 controllers to go with the console.

So what do you think of this NES themed PS4? Do you like this look for PS4? Let us know in the comments below.

PS4 Case Mods: NES Themed PlayStation 4 Introduces Retro Look

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#6 - drphuz - 78w ago
drphuz's Avatar
Its killer

#5 - shummyr - 78w ago
shummyr's Avatar
I love it

#4 - lionsfan420 - 78w ago
lionsfan420's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Intertweaker View Post
Just getting a working NES-emu and the job is complete! Nice one!

I think, hope, and even wonder if thats the plan...

#3 - Spiritismo - 78w ago
Spiritismo's Avatar
very nice look Dude! I like it.

#2 - Intertweaker - 78w ago
Intertweaker's Avatar
Just getting a working NES-emu and the job is complete! Nice one!

#1 - elser1 - 78w ago
elser1's Avatar
looks better than the sony scheme I think. nice job!