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June 27, 2013 // 2:59 am - Since the official Sony PlayStation 4 unveil, some pictures of the PS4 box contents and bundled headset have now surfaced.

Below are the details, from (linked above) to quote: "We already know that the box of the PS4 will include the console, the DualShock 4, a HDMI cable, a mono headset, a power cord, an USB cord and the instructions.

What we didn't yet know is how some of those components will look. Today the picture portrayed above has been floating on the internet. Is it the first picture or mock up of what will be inside the coveted PS4 box or a very well made fake?

Interestingly enough the USB cable seems to be a two meter one, at least making a visual comparison with an equivalent one I have at home, while the cable included in the PS3 was only one meter long. This might give some more leeway to those like me that like to play for extended sessions and prefer to have the controller plugged in.

Pushing the picture in question through some rather heavy enlarging on photoshop shows no real evident signs of alteration, but we weren't able to confirm the validity of the source, so for now we'll chalk it as a rumor. The headset looks a little cheap, but all in all it looks quite good, doesn't it?

Update: The picture is confirmed as legit. It appeared on the Amazon UK product listing together with a picture of the headset plugged into the DualShock 4, that you can see below."

PlayStation 4 / PS4 Box Contents and Headset Pictures Surface

PlayStation 4 / PS4 Box Contents and Headset Pictures Surface

PlayStation 4 / PS4 Box Contents and Headset Pictures Surface

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#39 - moja - June 14, 2013 // 2:44 am
moja's Avatar
I'll probably get one off the shelf soon after launch. Design reminds me of the PS2.

#38 - ripplar - June 13, 2013 // 10:35 pm
ripplar's Avatar
Will the PS4 be able to play PS3 games or do we need to keep our PS3 just to play PS3 games?

#37 - zokikrkuska - June 12, 2013 // 5:22 pm
zokikrkuska's Avatar
ps4 games on 3d and 4k woooow

#36 - NTA - June 12, 2013 // 3:08 pm
NTA's Avatar
Lol, the ps1 and the dreamcast weren't much either but they are legendary

#35 - Olegsk - June 12, 2013 // 10:31 am
Olegsk's Avatar
I think that's not a problem.

#34 - demianxldc - June 12, 2013 // 5:19 am
demianxldc's Avatar
I want to buy in amazon, but information about power supply?... my country use 220v...

#33 - JeoWay - June 12, 2013 // 12:36 am
JeoWay's Avatar
Definitely DRIVE CLUB!!!

By the Way, the US (not sure about other countries), got 4 new PS Plus Games today!!!! Be sure to check that out!

#32 - elser1 - June 12, 2013 // 12:32 am
elser1's Avatar
cheers man. i guess people may feel annoyed about having to pay but you're not really paying for online.the games you will get is worth it 10x. i'm just so glad plus carries over from ps3 as mine runs out in september i think. i wasn't sure what to do as i will be putting my ps3 in the cupboard with ps2 when ps4 comes out, most likely, but id hate to lose all the plus games i have.

also the fact i have a vita as well and the plus games on the vita are all i own except for assasins creed if you don't have plus you're mad!!

oh and DRIVECLUB!! lol

#31 - JeoWay - June 11, 2013 // 11:44 pm
JeoWay's Avatar
I'm a huge fan of it. Thanks for posting your experience with it. I'm trying to get people who haven't had PS Plus before into its greatness. Considering they are going to need it for ps4 if they plan to play games online

#30 - elser1 - June 11, 2013 // 11:34 pm
elser1's Avatar
i've had plus for years and i love it. best money i've spent on any console ever