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June 27, 2013 // 4:59 am - Since the official Sony PlayStation 4 unveil, some pictures of the PS4 box contents and bundled headset have now surfaced.

Below are the details, from (linked above) to quote: "We already know that the box of the PS4 will include the console, the DualShock 4, a HDMI cable, a mono headset, a power cord, an USB cord and the instructions.

What we didn't yet know is how some of those components will look. Today the picture portrayed above has been floating on the internet. Is it the first picture or mock up of what will be inside the coveted PS4 box or a very well made fake?

Interestingly enough the USB cable seems to be a two meter one, at least making a visual comparison with an equivalent one I have at home, while the cable included in the PS3 was only one meter long. This might give some more leeway to those like me that like to play for extended sessions and prefer to have the controller plugged in.

Pushing the picture in question through some rather heavy enlarging on photoshop shows no real evident signs of alteration, but we weren't able to confirm the validity of the source, so for now we'll chalk it as a rumor. The headset looks a little cheap, but all in all it looks quite good, doesn't it?

Update: The picture is confirmed as legit. It appeared on the Amazon UK product listing together with a picture of the headset plugged into the DualShock 4, that you can see below."

PlayStation 4 / PS4 Box Contents and Headset Pictures Surface

PlayStation 4 / PS4 Box Contents and Headset Pictures Surface

PlayStation 4 / PS4 Box Contents and Headset Pictures Surface

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#9 - d3adliner - June 11, 2013 // 5:20 am
d3adliner's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by JeoWay View Post
I LOVE THE PS4. Xbox One is complete crap. PC is basically stupid unless you want to spend $1000's building one.

I understand what you're saying, but you can build a PC that will run any game out today at max settings for under $1000.

#8 - matt101 - June 11, 2013 // 5:19 am
matt101's Avatar
can't wait for the ps4 £349... not a bad price,thank god none of that drm nonsense, poor old xbox... left out in the cold i reckon... same as the wii u (even more so)... i like the game sharing video... very informative lol...

looking forward to Second Son... Watchdogs... Diablo 3... would definately bought THE LAST OF US.. for ps4 (still might if it is)... as the game is worth every penny... elser1 thanks for showing the headset... couldnt find a pic... but think i will stick with my official stereo headset i already got... well time to start saving my $$... to get me 2 of them... as my son ain't going on my 1 lol.. one last word... AWESOME

#7 - JeoWay - June 11, 2013 // 2:27 am
JeoWay's Avatar
I LOVE THE PS4. Xbox One is complete crap. PC is basically stupid unless you want to spend $1000's building one.

#6 - cyberfix - June 11, 2013 // 1:43 am
cyberfix's Avatar
I'm having trouble getting excited about the PS4, but I am sure that will change as the time approaches. I am glad that both next gen consoles are going with standard PC based graphics and CPU hardware to make programming and porting games for it easier.

#5 - kalberto - June 11, 2013 // 1:15 am
kalberto's Avatar
double PS2 = PS4

#4 - SwordOfWar - June 10, 2013 // 10:33 pm
SwordOfWar's Avatar
Ha, nice video.

When they announced game sharing and reselling without any fee the crowd went crazy.

#3 - ModderFokker - June 10, 2013 // 10:17 pm
ModderFokker's Avatar
Seriously the best video EVER !!!!

#2 - elser1 - June 10, 2013 // 10:10 pm
elser1's Avatar
just fin watching the e3 ps4 presentation. OMG fn awesome. xbox sux

i can't wait. i'm hooked. i want it now. i hope its $499 in au. holy dooly.


#1 - PS4 News - June 10, 2013 // 8:40 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on their initial announcement and the PS4 teaser video, today Sony has officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 at their E3 2013 PS4 Press Conference!

Below is an ongoing PlayStation 4 video summary thus far, with more PS4 details incoming and additional PS4 hardware pictures which will be added throughout the night.

Sony also confirmed used games are no problem, there is no authentication for disc-based titles and no online check either, as follows (via

The PS4 will play used games without any restrictions or authentication. In broader terms, that means that when you purchase physical media, that disc can then be traded-in at retailers like GameStop, lent / sold to friends or kept forever as part of your enduring library. What's more, unlike Microsoft's controversial XBox One 24-hour offline gaming window, PS4 owners will not have to connect to the Internet in order to continue playing games.

However, PlayStation Plus is no longer optional on PS4 for online multiplayer... Playing online multiplayer games on PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation Plus membership, Sony said today during its E3 liveblog.

A slide shown during the presentation said "immersive multiplayer online" was a feature of PlayStation Plus. Single-player games will not require Plus, nor will accessing streaming services like Netflix, Sony said in a Tweet:

"PS4 gamers who aren't Plus members can still enjoy single-player games for free... and access to media services won't require Plus"

Effectively, that makes the PS4 fully playable offline, and for a brief instructional demo on how this used game process works check out Sony's video below.

Additionally, Sony's Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that the PS4's HDD is upgradable via Twitter stating, to quote:

"And yes, PS4's HDD is upgradable like PS3