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November 14, 2013 // 11:21 pm - Following up on the previous PS4 RLOD and PS4 Freezing & Overheating reports, today a new batch of PlayStation 4 bricking (such as THIS one) and failures has surfaced alongside a PS4 Launch Errors List and Fixes below.

To quote: Here's a list of issues plaguing the PlayStation 4 at launch, and how to fix them.

Astro A50s: Cannot Hear Other People Speaking

Everything appears to be hunky-dory with the Astro A50s, with the sound coming through the headphones just as you would expect, except for received chat audio. You can talk through the headset, but you can't hear others speaking.

A possible fix for this issue is to do the following:

1. Hold Home Button
2. Adjust Devices
3. Output to headphones -> All Audio

DualShock 4 R1 Button Sticking

There are several reports that units of the DualShock 4 appear to sport defective R1 buttons. After just a few hours of play, the R1 button seems to stick.

Remember to keep your receipt so you can return these to the store for an exchange.

PS4 Won't Turn On, Bricking Issue

There been a few reports that players who received their PS4 via the Taco Bell contest doesn't properly turn on, or off (once you manage to get it running). Here's what the symptoms are like:

The PS4 won't show a picture, but the blue light pulses. It tries to load data from the hard disk drive, but it doesn't - so it doesn't load into the operating system.

Here's a not-so-simple fix that appears to alleviate the issue:

1. You have to unplug your HDD
2. Boot the console without HDD and it will load Safe Mode (white lightbar) and asks for a HDD
3. Turn off, plug in the HDD again and boot the console again
4. PS4 will boot into Safe Mode again and you can recover now the necessary OS Data, PS4 will start again and will boot into OS again.

From Here is What You Can Do When The PS4 Does Not Boot

A Twitch user ( recently faced a problem with his PlayStation 4. The console wouldn’t switch on and was essentially bricked. However, there are solutions for fixing this issue.

First off, check your HDMI signal. If that doesn’t work, switch off your console and remove the HDD. Boot up in Safe Mode (indicated by a white lightbar on the controller) and when prompted for an HDD, turn the console off, plug the HDD in and then turn the console on again. It will again appear in Safe Mode and will recover the OS data before starting up like normal.

If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to format your HDD and reinstall the relevant firmware. Keep in mind that the Twitch user above faced issues even with the prescribed steps. Make sure to get your HDD checked in that case.

From on the percentage of broken PlayStation 4 systems:

A Sony representative has provided the following statement to IGN: "A handful of people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems. This is within our expectations for a new product introduction, and the vast majority of PS4 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and are on track for a great launch.

There have been several problems reported, which leads us to believe there isn’t a singular problem that could impact a broader percentage of systems. The number of affected systems represents less than .4% of shipped units to date, which is within our expectations for a new product introduction."

Correction: Note that the statement originally provided to IGN by Sony mistakenly said ".04%." A Sony representative has now confirmed to IGN that this figure was provided in error, and it has been corrected to ".4%."

Finally, below is a list of PlayStation 4 / PS4 Error Codes (via and Fixes.

Name / Errorcode / Remarks

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Some more PS4 error codes from Sony (via

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PlayStation 4 / PS4 Error Code Fixes (via

[Register or Login to view code]

PlayStation 4 Bricking Reports, PS4 Launch Errors List and Fixes Out

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#9 - tilla - October 18, 2013 // 10:54 pm
tilla's Avatar
Once again, putting something in an enclosed box is going to kill ANY cooling solution, what the hell were they expecting?

This isn't an issue. They PS4 shuts down to prevent overheating damage, which will absolutely occur when put in an enclosed space. It uses fans to cool so it needs airflow.

#8 - AlphaMagnum - October 18, 2013 // 8:30 pm
AlphaMagnum's Avatar
Wow this is unreal. Did the PS3 "Phat" consoles have problems like this soon after release? Or did the YLOD issues only crop up after 1 year+ of use?

#7 - elser1 - October 18, 2013 // 4:06 am
elser1's Avatar
just hope mine lasts 5 years lol

#6 - PS4 News - October 18, 2013 // 3:04 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Just a few days after the previous PS4 Red Line of Death (PS4 RLOD) report, today another video surfaces of a PlayStation 4 freezing leaving some speculating whether the system has overheating and stability problems.

To quote: "Footage of PS4 freezing, apparently after heating up while running, has popped up online. The video comes from a French outlet called Gamekyo on livestream, while they are demonstrating the game Knack.

It is a brief minute and a half video, showing two presenters talking while a cutscene from the game plays out. At this point, the system is offscreen, and has apparently been opened up. One presenter notices that the system is emitting heat and places his hands near it, and the other does the same and concurs. They talk to a Sony person offscreen, and then go on a few more seconds like nothing happened.

And then, close to the middle of it, the game starts freezing. One presenter takes a long glance at the system, and then glances to the screen. The game starts moving again, but the framerate dips completely. They try to go home, and then enter back in, but this does not fix the problem. Finally, they leave the game completely and reenter, and this is where the clip ends.

A few days ago, when the Red Line of Death issue 1st came up, Shuhei Yoshida was asked about it and he curtly replied it was not true."

Some related Tweets via Gamekyo:

  • The PS4 was actually placed in a box under the TV. There was heat going out from the box, but the PS4 seemed to be OK.
  • The PS4 seems to have a good ventilation system, the environment becomes very hot though if it's in a closed box.

Some PlayStation 4 Thermal Images (via are available HERE with details as follows, to quote:

With today being the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4, I figured I'd take some infrared shots of it in action. Using the new FLIR E8 Thermal Camera with MSX, I've got some great shots to look at. Remember, computers and electronics get hot, but this will show you how the PS4 handles and vents that heat.

  • "Bottom" side of the Playstation 4 Just after unpacking and running the firmware update.
  • "Top Side" of the PS4, just after unpacking and running firmware update (on for about 5-7 minutes at this point). Note that the top part of the PS4 in this picture has a different emissivity than the lower, so, the temp measurements on the top won't be as accurate.
  • The PlayStation 4 has been on for about 10-12 minutes at this point as I move around the menus, and start adding my PSN profile.
  • This is after 5 minutes of standby, with a controller plugged in for charge.
  • The top part of the PS4 after about 10 minutes of Killzone.
  • The "bottom" side after 10 minutes of Killzone.
  • Here you can see the vents heating up to around 121 F
  • 30 minutes later, the top surface of the PS4 is still holding around 114 F degrees at its peak.
  • And finally, the bottom side of the Playstation is at 121 F.
  • The vents however, are now up to 143 F after 30 minutes of running Killzone, which is totally a reasonable spec!

UPDATE: A few folks asked for thermal of it lying flat - these two photos are about after 20 minutes of playing Killzone.

Highest temp read on the vent is around 126 F, a little cooler than when it was vertical, but the play time was a little bit shorter. I'll be taking more photos as the weekend progresses, so keep checking back!

UPDATE 2: The hottest the vents have gotten in its flat position while playing Killzone, appear to be around 138/140 F, so a few degrees cooler, but close to where it was when it was vertical. The top surface still stays at a consistent 110-114 F.

UPDATE 3: Been playing for over 3 hours now, with the PS4 comfortable in my home theater cabinet in its flat position. The Playstation remains a little under the temperature it was when I was around 30 minutes in, which is around ~133 F/56 C.

Finally, below is a picture of a PS4 demo station error code when a game (Battlefield 4) crashes taken at Madrid Games Week alongside a video of a PlayStation 4 demo unit glitching:

More PlayStation 4 News...

#5 - Kraken - October 17, 2013 // 1:57 pm
Kraken's Avatar
If I was Sony, I'd be taking credit for how well the PS4 handled this. Shutting down to avoid damage in high-heat conditions, then starting right back up in seconds once ventilation is restored without getting damaged is exactly what the console should do.

#4 - fuhq - October 17, 2013 // 1:35 pm
fuhq's Avatar
Just had to replace my PS3 so quite glad this thing shuts down.

#3 - Natepig - October 16, 2013 // 6:56 am
Natepig's Avatar
Great to see that the new console has this kind of protection to protect any heat related damage.

#2 - niwakun - October 16, 2013 // 4:40 am
niwakun's Avatar
that's what they call brutal stress test, to be honest the test done in this device is much lighter than brutal stress test done in PS3 (where they put it on Sauna while playing a game) fortunately PS3 was able to survive that 24h test.

#1 - tilla - October 15, 2013 // 11:00 pm
tilla's Avatar
Locking game consoles in airtight cases is the WORST possible use case, never do this. They need to breathe to stay cool. Really this is like putting it in your fishtank and then wondering why it's not working