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October 29, 2009 // 4:13 am - SCEE's Partner Marketing Executive Mikel Arrien has announced today that the WipEout HD PS3 patch 2.10 update is incoming, to quote:

We wanted to touch base with you all to share some information about the impending release of the 2.10 update for Wipeout HD / Fury that's coming soon.

The 2.10 Update makes some small improvements to front-end functionality and addresses some minor issues with the audio. In addition, small issues that could affect gameplay or scores in the Eliminator and Detonator game modes have also been corrected.

Changes have also been made so that any adverts shown during loading screens will not adversely affect the loading times of the title. As many of you know, the functionality to display adverts during loading screens was first introduced in the 2.0 Update and originally didn't function as intended, leading to extended loading times in some areas of the game.

This issue has now been resolved and we understand that a new advertising campaign in Wipeout HD is expected to launch across a number of European territories soon (no word yet on what is happening in North America). In the meantime, a range of PlayStation-specific ads will be making an appearance in the coming days.

Wipeout and in-game advertising and sponsorship have gone hand-in-hand since 1996, when a now famous energy drink appeared in the seminal Wipeout 2097 and over the years many brands and products have been associated with the series.

It is our hope that by adopting this approach to dynamic advertising, it will be possible to create new associations in a unique way. We have therefore focussed on ensuring that the advertising is embedded as sympathetically to the overall experience as possible.

Finally, we'd like to remind everyone who hasn't experienced the awesome adrenaline-rush that is Wipeout HD Fury, that the game is now also available on BluRay across Europe and that a Wipeout HD + Fury Expansion bundle is available to download from the PlayStation Store.

WipEout HD PS3 Patch 2.10 Update is Incoming

WipEout HD PS3 Patch 2.10 Update is Incoming

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#1 - joel1310 - October 29, 2009 // 10:09 pm
joel1310's Avatar
mmm. nothing to suprise... we want a better update!