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June 4, 2008 // 2:31 pm - Sony Europe announced today that Warhawk expansion packs Operation: Omega Dawn and Broken Mirror will be re-released and packaged together as single downloadable bundle later this month on the European PlayStation Store.

The combo pack will carry a budget friendly price of 5 Euros. The same pack hit the North American PSN last April.

To quote: Double Your Firepower with Warhawk and PLAYSTATION®Network (PSN) Warhawk expansion packs Operation: Omega Dawn and Operation: Broken Mirror to be released as downloadable double bundle

Drop into the heat of the battle and hit the ground running in June 2008 when Warhawk™ expansion packs Operation: Omega Dawn and Operation: Broken Mirror enter the fray as a Booster Combo Pack for you to download from PLAYSTATION®Network (PSN)™.

Individually both expansion packs opened up the world of Warhawk - the ultimate PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3)™ war experience played exclusively online - with new terrains, vehicles and weapons. Now they're bundled together as one downloadable pack, it's time for every last hesitant soldier to take arms and enter the fray once more as the war between the Eucadian and Chernovan troops continues.

After the success of the original Warhawk (required to play the Booster Combo Pack), the Operation: Omega Dawn expansion pack was released December 2007. It introduced the PMC (Private Military Contractor) Dropship; a serious piece of airborne artillery capable of transporting personnel and vehicles. It also introduced an industrial night-time setting in which players fight through five new battlefields of factories and complexes.

Operation: Broken Mirror, first released in April 2008, brought with it the mighty Armoured Personnel Carrier, capable of mercilessly speeding through enemy lines, as well as the E-POD (Electrostatic Plasma Ordinance Disrupter) that provides a temporary shield for your troops and a new hazard for enemy soldiers. Operation: Broken Mirror also introduced ten new battle arenas on the Vaporfield Glacier.

With both packs now joining forces to combine all of their resources and challenges, the world of Warhawk has never been bigger - or better value. Do you have what it takes to stand up against an invading army? Are you man enough to pilot the PMC? Can you handle the E-POD?

The ultimate online war experience wants YOU in June 2008.

Warhawk Expansion Packs Omega Dawn & Broken Mirror Bundle

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