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October 16, 2007 // 12:55 pm - High monthly TV bills could well be a thing of the past! Jalipo, the online web TV platform for premium content, has just announced details of a few more pay-per-minute live broadcasts offered to viewers through its (here we go) "unique and easy-to-use" micro-payment system. Shows include next month's Joe Calzaghe and Mikkel Kessler superfight at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff, and Scotland versus Italy in the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

Well, Jalipo is testing the service's functionality via the PS3 this week. A contact informed SPOnG earlier today, that, "given that Sony uses a standard web browser, there should not be any major problems, and if we discover we have to tweak our code to make it compatible, we will schedule this in for the near term. The hi-def TV output is of course no issue whatsoever. In terms of costs per minute, the content owner sets the price according to the value they perceive it is worth and therefore all I can do it give you some examples."

SPOnG is yet to confirm with Jalipo if the high-definition output via a PS3 is at 'full' 1080p so-called 'proper' high definition, but we should have news on this shortly.

So, when we are talking pay-per-minute 'low cost' viewing for these types of events - how much exactly are we talking about?

Our Jalipo contact told us that: "Saturday's Scotland v Ukraine match was £3.25 if you watched the whole game. In the case of the Holyfield fight, the promoter determined a price of 21 'j:credits' per minute. The fight went the full twelve rounds and was live on air for about 50 minutes, therefore the total price paid by the viewers was about £5.00."

He added: "Clearly, the value will change according to the contest being fought and as I say it is up to the content /promoter to determine this. Considerably more people watched the boxing than the football so I guess the price was justified and you only pay for what you watch - so you might turn it off to take a phone call and therefore not pay for that time."

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