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September 14, 2011 // 1:23 pm - Today PlayStation Home Community Manager Locust_Star has shared some videos announcing that the Tokyo Game Show 2011 has arrived in PlayStation Home alongside some fresh mall updates below.

To quote: This Thursday, September 15th will see the release of one of the most luxurious personal spaces to ever be published in PlayStation Home.

The ultra-modern Tycoon Penthouse sits atop a towering skyscraper, overlooking a world-class city teeming with action. Releasing alongside a suite of sleek and chic furnishings and amenities (my personal fave being the Jacuzzi), the Tycoon Penthouse is the perfect addition to your collection of rare and exotic properties around the world.

Those of you who enjoy the finer things in life can pick this premium locale up this Thursday from the Estates store in the PlayStation Home Mall.

The 2011 Tokyo Game Show is coming to PlayStation Home this week. Visit this space on Thursday, September 15th and pick up exclusive rewards based upon some of the most highly anticipated games that will be coming soon to your PS3 - such as the The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection and UNCHARTED 3!

As a show of thanks to the entire PlayStation Home Community for your valiant efforts in slaying the hordes of undead invaders in our mega-popular Dead Island Total Game Integration event, we'll be giving everyone a special Dead Island-themed reward this week.

Head to the PlayStation Home Community Theater to receive this gruesome goody then watch as Urgent Fury previews Twisted Metal and Starhawk and Replay with Doc returns with special guest Luge.

While you are there you can even catch free episodes of Deadliest Warrior and Ugly Americans. That's a load of free content in any system of measurement, so be sure to log in to PlayStation Home this week and take advantage of this offer!

Expand your arsenal with our new range of brutal and barbaric weaponry, which are primed to hit the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall this Thursday. We're put together a quick trailer so that you can get a sneak peek at these cruel implements of war (and other new items that are releasing this week). Check it out!

Lockwood expands their ever-popular Iron Fusion line this week with the new Solar Fusilier costumes. Pick up these bad boys (and girls) from the Sodium store tomorrow!

Fan favorites Konami and Mass Media are also dropping new items onto the shelves of the PlayStation Home Mall this week. Log in on Thursday to pick up MM's hilarious "Weird Wear" and new hairstyles and Gladiator costumes from Konami.

While you are there, be sure to take advantage of our End of Summer sale and pick up loads of discounted furniture and clothing items perfect for decking out your tropical villas or hitting the beach with friends. See you in Home!

Videos: Tokyo Game Show 2011 Comes to PlayStation Home

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#1 - DemonoidMaster - September 15, 2011 // 1:47 pm
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"Special Rewards" ??? hahaha, it doesn't even interest me at all