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August 27, 2009 // 2:58 pm - Today Marketing & PlayStation Network Senior Vice President Peter Dille has unveiled the PS3 console's new ad campaign- It Only Does Everything.

To quote: I'm excited today to unveil our brand new ad campaign for PlayStation 3. This year is going to be a game-changing year for PlayStation.

Last week, we extended an incredible value proposition with the $299 price move and the introduction of a sleek new form factor for the 120 GB PS3. We've coupled this news with a truly unmatched content line up this year with some of the most eagerly anticipated games in our history.

But this is just half the story. Today we are laying down the final puzzle piece with a new marketing campaign for the PS3 and the introduction of its new tagline, "It Only Does Everything."

You may remember our MLB ad from earlier this year where we introduced Dustin Pedroia's "Dear PlayStation" spot and our resident PlayStation expert Kevin Butler.

These new ads, created by our partners at Deutsch LA, birthed a new campaign in which we will have direct conversations with consumers about everything the PS3 can do. And as you'll see below, "It Only Does Everything."

We know many of you would agree that the PS3 is an unrivaled gaming console. It's also the best Blu-ray player on the market. And most of you are probably aware that you can now download more than 2,000 movies without even leaving your couch.

However, we recognize there are still many consumers who may not be aware of how powerful the PS3 truly is. So we've tailored this campaign a bit differently to extend our reach and PS3 family.

From now through the holiday season, you'll see and hear about all the broad features and benefits this amazing device has to offer across multiple media including TV, radio, online, retail and social networking outlets. A total of 9 TV spots will roll out throughout the holiday, each highlighting a different benefit and feature of the PS3. So whether you're a hardcore gamer or a Blu-ray enthusiast, you will have something to takeaway from these ads.

We're kick starting the campaign with a TV spot highlighting the new $299 price point on September 1. But for you, our loyal fans, here's an official sneak peek.

It's a fully integrated campaign that seamlessly intertwines hardware, gaming and PlayStation Network benefits under one umbrella, each with a dose of our own irreverent humor. We knew you'd want more than just one peek, so here's a spot in which Kevin commiserates with a consumer about getting her boyfriend to get his PS3 connected to the PlayStation Network. Enjoy!

We look forward to your feedback and continued excitement, for what will be a truly great holiday and year for PlayStation. There's more to come, so stay tuned.

Videos: New PS3 Ad Campaign: It Only Does Everything

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#15 - ShortBlock - September 6, 2009 // 6:25 pm
ShortBlock's Avatar
Everything but Blu-Ray backups. But that's more in the hands of the film industry. As stated, 4 usb ports would be nice, oh and IR.

#14 - reno5gtt - September 6, 2009 // 1:11 pm
reno5gtt's Avatar
A workmate was telling me that he was thinking of buying a new PS3 slim now that they have came down in price and that the new ones are much improved over the old ones.

I bought my 60GB brand new for the same price they are selling the slims at now and it has more features.

It used to do everything untill they cut some of the features out

#13 - roostr - September 6, 2009 // 1:37 am
roostr's Avatar
My biggest gripe about the new ad's are they say the PS3 does everything. It is an incredible machine, but by say it only does everything, Sony is coming off sounding conceded. When the PS3 first came out it was so expensive that it was viewed buy a lot of people as a toy only for the wealthy, now your just an idiot if you don't buy one. Maybe instead of Sony say "duh, it does everything" they show the people how it does everything.

Odd marketing plan, alienate your customer.

#12 - Valauliver - August 31, 2009 // 6:28 pm
Valauliver's Avatar
OMG more PS3 ads! I saw one today on the TV I almost rubbed my eyes to check if I was seeing things lol. I haven't seen PS3 ads since LBP and they were rare to see.

And are all American ads like this? o.O They are sooooo bad. But that might be cause I don't like American humour ^^.

I prefer the first one tbh, it gets the point across more. The second is just your average trying to be funny American rubbish.

(Hope I haven't offended any Americans! If I have, sorry! :P)

Quote Originally Posted by Gullwing View Post
It only does anything! That's why it sells like crap! Futile tries of sony to become rich... Not going to happen.

Also ROFLMAO @ this guy. Yeah Sony is a poor company what with the Playstation and Playstation 2 being the top selling consoles of all time and the PS2 is STILL selling. What is it nearing 150 million sales now? And then we have the PSP, PSN.

Oh sorry I almost forgot about all the TV's they sell, the cameras, camcorders, headphones, Sony Ericcsons... I think you get the point.

#11 - Gullwing - August 30, 2009 // 1:56 pm
Gullwing's Avatar
Being rich does not stop them from becoming more rich... I agree that they are going to surpass the sales of xbox360.

#10 - JeffJ - August 29, 2009 // 10:36 am
JeffJ's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Gullwing View Post
It only does anything! That's why it sells like shit! Futile tries of sony to become rich... Not going to happen.

if i was buying new, im a smart person if im going to spend $299, then i look at what each has to offer and from a feature/hardware standpoint the ps3 is the winner. so expect sales to surpass the Xbox 360 in the future.

and futile tries of sony to be come rich? they already are. I think being a multi-million dollar corporation that makes more money in a quarter then we could all hope to see in a life time... classifies them and pretty rich.

#9 - semitope - August 29, 2009 // 10:24 am
semitope's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Gullwing View Post
It only does anything! That's why it sells like crap! Futile tries of sony to become rich... Not going to happen.

The ps3 sells better than the 360 did in its first 3 years.

#8 - Gullwing - August 29, 2009 // 9:13 am
Gullwing's Avatar
It only does anything! That's why it sells like crap! Futile tries of sony to become rich... Not going to happen.

#7 - semitope - August 27, 2009 // 7:16 pm
semitope's Avatar
Starting to hate all the Nigerian comments now. People can't learn to avoid offending any demographic while making an ad?

#6 - setTopbox - August 27, 2009 // 5:06 pm
setTopbox's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Dibblah View Post
It only does everything. Well, apart from OtherOS. And PS/2 backward compatibility. And more than 2 USB ports.

That and native .mkv support. It's getting really annoying having to transcode every bloody file on my HD, ps3mediaserver is a life saver.