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June 18, 2009 // 8:05 pm - Earlier today SCEA PR Specialist Claudine Ricanor announced news that a God of War III Direct-Feed Gameplay video will be airing on G4TV's X-Play.

To quote: God of War III's Game Director, Stig Asmussen, will not only walk us through the entire demo, but provide insight and commentary.

Don't worry if you get caught in traffic, G4 will be replaying the episode again at 8pm. And if that still doesn't work for you, you can watch the demo in HD on minutes after X-Play starts.

That being said, the videos are available below!

God of War III Demo Preview: Search for Helios

God of War III Demo Preview: Olympia and The Door of Eos

God of War III Direct Feed Gameplay

Videos: God of War III Demo Preview & Gameplay Now Available

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#3 - badadoom - June 19, 2009 // 10:59 pm
badadoom's Avatar
Since the first, i'm wainting for new kratos story.

i hope this stuff will be with the same atmosphere especially with the same chicks "QTE"

#2 - dbieon12 - June 19, 2009 // 6:18 pm
dbieon12's Avatar
Not just killed a god, but removed his head and used it as a lantern...

Now I'm not really a fan of the genre but this game looks incredible.

#1 - HANxOPX - June 19, 2009 // 9:56 am
HANxOPX's Avatar
And once again Kratos killed a god.. poor Helios, Kratos saved him back in Chains of Olympus.