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March 2, 2010 // 10:08 pm - Today (linked above) uncovered a God Of War 3 PS3 GameStop commercial ad and shared some fresh GOW3 gameplay video footage (including new scenes and spoilers).

Those interested can check out both videos below, and to quote:

"As with most popular video game releases, God of War III comes with a special pre-order bonus from GameStop.

This special commercial for the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive highlights the GameStop exclusive Phantom of Chaos character skin.

God of War III will be released on March 16th for the PlayStation 3. The Phantom of Chaos character skin will unlock once you download the DLC from the PlayStation Store after entering a code. You have to beat the game once to unlock the skin in-game."

Videos: God Of War 3 PS3 Gameplay Footage and GameStop Ad

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#4 - ProSkillz21 - March 8, 2010 // 3:40 am
ProSkillz21's Avatar
Lol it sounds so much scarier in German.

#3 - skatomelato - March 3, 2010 // 2:56 pm
skatomelato's Avatar
I like this game!!!! I can't wait until March 16...

#2 - gravesg - March 3, 2010 // 5:41 am
gravesg's Avatar
Woah! damn i'm sold... i mean i've been sold off of gameplay and hype before.. but this is a whole new level... we need more games like this... omg i'm gonna have to go get this onkyo sound system for my room before i play this game.. i'm super impressed... that titan with posiden is just omg...

#1 - dante489 - March 3, 2010 // 5:37 am
dante489's Avatar
i can't wait for this, i need a time machine lol!!