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August 18, 2009 // 2:15 pm - Now that we have PS3 Slim confirmation, specs and a release date, GamesRadarUS has shared a video on the PlayStation 3 Slim unboxing.

Those interested can check it out below, with the video's caption reading as follows: GR jumps in while PTOM unboxes their just-announced PS3 Slim! Watch us touch it!

To quote: "Playstation: The Official Magazine has one, but seeing as we're friendly neighbors, GamesRadar was right there to record the glorious unboxing. Look internet, it's slimmer! It's lighter! It's fingerprintlesser!"

Here it is, via YouTube!

Video: UnBoxing the PlayStation 3 Slim Console

Video: UnBoxing the PlayStation 3 Slim Console

Video: UnBoxing the PlayStation 3 Slim Console

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#11 - PS4 News - August 26, 2009 // 9:55 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Here is one more video of the PS3 Slim in action..

#10 - idone - August 21, 2009 // 1:13 pm
idone's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by ati93 View Post
its nice but why like a square ?

Yea i think it looks great from the front and rear... but the view from the top not so much

#9 - ati93 - August 21, 2009 // 12:40 pm
ati93's Avatar
its nice but why like a square ?

#8 - Russky - August 21, 2009 // 5:52 am
Russky's Avatar
... buy a small usb hub and your problem with "oh no, just two usb ports" is solved, i got one from logitec .. it looks cool and it dont need lot of place

#7 - PurplePerson01 - August 19, 2009 // 4:23 pm
PurplePerson01's Avatar
I bet the ps3 slim still only has 2 lousy usb ports, so illogical, it should have 4 usb ports.

#6 - PS4 News - August 18, 2009 // 10:35 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Here are some Gizmodo PS3 Slim unboxing pics too!

And another PS3 Slim unboxing video:

#5 - gtxboyracer - August 18, 2009 // 10:26 pm
gtxboyracer's Avatar
Not sure where the best place to put this image.. but anyway, price revealed for NZ! No date though..


#4 - PS4 News - August 18, 2009 // 9:50 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
And here are the rest of the Engadget PS3 Slim pics!

#3 - PS4 News - August 18, 2009 // 9:47 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
More pics from the Engadget link above... it only allows 10 attachments per post.

#2 - maxpwer222 - August 18, 2009 // 9:33 pm
maxpwer222's Avatar
I may buy one just because my dog likes to get near it sometimes while I am playing and he hits the touch eject button and screws up my game. GoGo buttons.

Also, A- for the new material. I think the new material is awesome in that there are no longer smudges, but at the same time I liked the glossy look even though it is a complete pain in the butt sometimes.