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April 14, 2011 // 6:40 pm - Today Twisted Metal Producer Chad Cox has shared an extended Twisted Metal PS3 trailer reveal alongside Axel pre-order details.

To quote: Last week David Jaffe broke the news that Twisted Metal will be hitting stores on October 4th of this year.

We also debuted a peek at the game's awesome cast with the new trailer, Broken, through GTTV. Today we're back with an EXTENDED cut that delivers an even deeper look at the new Twisted universe!

Here's another piece of exciting news, Axel is back, and you'll get early access to unlock this death-dealing war machine by pre-ordering Twisted Metal at any participating retailer!

We're on a roll now with Twisted Metal news, so be sure to check back for more info as we approach launch on October 4th, 2011!

Video: Twisted Metal Extended PS3 Trailer Reveal, Axel Pre-order

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#2 - popshopadop - April 16, 2011 // 12:51 am
popshopadop's Avatar
so let me just get this clarified for myself and anyone else who wants to know: this game is for 5 year olds, right? i see clowns and little love clowns!

#1 - daveribz - April 15, 2011 // 1:52 am
daveribz's Avatar
Looks AWESOME! New characters, vehicles, large battlefields.. Wow, I'm pumped!