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June 10, 2010 // 1:24 pm - Avalanche Software Producer John Day has confirmed that Toy Story 3: The Video Game will be hitting Sony's PS3 entertainment system on June 15, 2010 and has shared a video trailer today via PlayStation Blog.

To quote: The game comes out in less than a week, and we can't wait for you all to get your hands on it. Developing this game was an extraordinary experience and a whole lot of fun.

Working closely with Pixar and in the Toy Story universe was an exciting opportunity, and we could not be happier with how the game turned out.

Back in April, we announced here that you can play as Buzz Lightyear's arch-nemesis Zurg only on the PlayStation 3. Despite being in Toy Story 2 for only a few minutes, he is our favorite character – we're excited to have him in the game for you to experience and enjoy!

And today I wanted to share some more details on what you can expect when you pop in your PS3 copy of Toy Story 3: The Video Game and unlock the evil Emperor Zurg.

Zurg is quite a bit different from our other playable characters, which allowed us to create some fun things to do specifically as Zurg in Toy Box Mode. He's the only character with a cannon, and his move set is completely different from our other playable characters.

He has many of his own missions, and he even has his own vehicle – the Zurgmobile – complete with hood-mounted cannon. My favorite Zurg pastime is just running around the Toy Box and blasting the townspeople. His evil laugh is great too... MUAHA!

Check out our new video (above) on how playable Zurg came together for the PS3. Then, play as Zurg yourself when the game releases on June 15th.

Video: Toy Story 3 Hits PS3 June 15th: It's All About Zurg

Video: Toy Story 3 Hits PS3 June 15th: It's All About Zurg

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#3 - mrgreaper - June 14, 2010 // 1:29 am
mrgreaper's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Haksam View Post
The Reaper from Dungeon Keeper is so much cooler.

what ever happened to dungeon keeper 3?

"One of your imps does a great Impression of you, he can even do the ears"

#2 - Haksam - June 11, 2010 // 6:33 am
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The Reaper from Dungeon Keeper is so much cooler.

#1 - SUBTAGIOUS - June 10, 2010 // 8:49 pm
Man my 2 year old is toy story obsessed. This will turn him into a gamer.