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February 25, 2010 // 2:04 pm - PlayStation Network Executive Producer Kevin Furuichi has revealed that today Episode 2 of The Tester, which features video game designer David Jaffe, will be hitting PSN.

To quote: It's only been a week since the season premiere of The Tester and I know many of you are already speculating about who will stay, who's going home AND what will the remaining competitors face next.

You don't have to wait any longer to find out - Episode 2 of 'The Tester' arrives later today. The battle heats up this week for the aspiring SCEA game testers as the competition gets more physical and they face legendary game designer David Jaffe.

As one of the most respected professionals in the industry, we're honored to have him join the panel and evaluate the candidates in action. You don't want to miss the insight and perspective he brings to the show. In the epic spirit of his most famous game, check out this week's Episode 2 preview:

While last week's premiere episode tested each individual's ability to discern visual differences as a key skill to become a game tester, in Episode 2, the cast takes on their first 'team' challenge. The test this week is all about communication skills.

The ability to communicate effectively is important in any job, but especially critical in game development. Who can follow directions? Who can give them? Who can do this effectively using human hamster balls, blindfolds, and a bullhorn?

If you haven't started watching The Tester, it is a great time to start. Can Fame Girl redeem herself? What's Doc planning? Who will come out on top?

The Tester will be available in both Standard and High Definition formats from PlayStation Store. And, remember it's also showing in the PlayStation Home Theater where you gotta get this week's new free T-shirt. There's also a commemorative 'goat chair' available for purchase for your personal space.

Thanks for downloading and watching, everyone. Enjoy the show.

Video: The Tester Episode 2 Featuring David Jaffe Hits PSN Today

Video: The Tester Episode 2 Featuring David Jaffe Hits PSN Today

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#1 - SwordOfWar - February 26, 2010 // 7:54 pm
SwordOfWar's Avatar
I've been watching this series when I'm bored. In the first episode that weird guy got voted out. In this episode the asian graphic designer dude got voted out.

These episodes are too damn short. You watch one quick competition, off to elimination and its over. Why don't we get to see more action? How about a fun competition or more activities to test them?

There just isn't much going on in these episodes. Why not a competition for past playstation historical facts or something?

Oh and how they all won a PS3 Mic at the end of this episode was a joke. The majority of them probably already have one anyway! I mean they are suppose to be hardcore gamers! If your going to give them prizes, quit being a cheap ass! Give them something nice! A physical trophy or collectible tester-only gear or something. Not a simple mic any dude can walk into gamestop and get... lame...

Sorry for double post but the site wouldn't let me submit my edited post (I'm guessing the edit time period ended while I was editing my original post).

There needs to be more influence in the voting process. Its boring watching the judges say "you three are the bottom can beg for a minute and then we will eliminate one of you". Offer some type of challenge to the lower people so they can take a last shot at staying in the game.

I just hope it gets better. I like the idea of a playstation/game based reality show, but you guys just arn't including enough goodies to keep me really interested. I'd like to see more of what the contestants are doing outside of those incredibly dull/short competitions.

Make them dress up in gear and have a paintball fight and call it a real MAG game competition for a prize or something.