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October 31, 2011 // 2:34 pm - Sony PlayStation Home Director Jack Buser has unveiled a PlayStation Home redesign tour trailer today, which spotlights new content including games, genre-based districts and more below.

To quote: As you might recall from my previous post, I revealed the big plans we had in store for a complete redesign of PlayStation Home- including a brand new Hub, genre-based districts, Total Game Integration, and a new questing system that turns Home itself into a game.

Now that we're getting close to launch, I thought the best way to show off all the new features we've packed into the upcoming new core experience would be to give you a tour of the redesign. Check out the below video for a rundown on some of the most exciting new features you'll be experiencing soon in PlayStation Home:

As you can see, PlayStation Home's new genre-based districts include a number of diverse and exclusive games that cater to players' different interests and styles.

For example, in the Action District, you'll be able to enjoy the free and exclusive first-person shooter game that runs inside Home itself, Bootleggers '29. We'll also be bringing back some of your favorite Total Game Integration events here such as Dead Island and Killzone 3, as well as feature teleporters to popular games such as Sodium.

If sports are more up your alley, you'll definitely find yourself at home in the Sportswalk, where players will have access to games like Home Hold'em (a full-featured Texas Hold'em poker game), live sports scores and video highlights, as well as a game of PlayStation Home Sports Trivia where you can reap plenty of rewards.

And in Pier Park, you can race your own remote controlled car against friends in RC Rally, or relax with friends and take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. All of this is tied together with a new quest system that turns PlayStation Home itself into a game. All you'll have to do is check out the Activity Board in the Hub when you're ready to get started, and you'll be ready to start racking up the rewards!

I can't wait for you to jump in and see for yourself all the exciting new things we have in store for you with the PlayStation Home redesign. Stay tuned... it won't be long now!

Video: Sony Unveils PlayStation Home Redesign Tour Trailer

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#2 - PSPSwampy - November 1, 2011 // 12:27 am
PSPSwampy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
How awesome would it be if you could just go around with a chainsaw killing everybody or driving a car around getting into races with other users.

Totally agree with you - someone p's you off, simply whip out the big guns / molotov cocktails! that would be awesome (but would get totally abused!)

Of course it would kick off the whole "Oh no, video games make people kill people" crap again

#1 - HeyManHRU - October 31, 2011 // 11:51 pm
HeyManHRU's Avatar
All these updates seem okay, but Sony should just let Rockstar games re-design Playstation home so it can be like GTA. How awesome would it be if you could just go around with a chainsaw killing everybody or driving a car around getting into races with other users.

But I guess that's what GTA is for, and PS home is just one big advertisement for new games.