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September 24, 2010 // 6:04 pm - Sony Senior Social Media Specialist Rey Gutierrez has made available a video today on the re-imaging of Dante in the new Devil May Cry for PS3.

To quote: "I remember calling it Developers May Cry, it looked that good." God of War III's game director Stig Asmussen confesses in the upcoming God of War Directors Live event, when asked about his art direction days on the original God of War.

Devil May Cry; its headliner, Dante; and the entire DMC mythology have sprung installments on multiple consoles, comic books and an anime series. Dante is an iconic figure in the video game world, so imagine the reaction when Lead Producer Alex Jones and Chief Creative Director Tameem Antoniades were tapped to change everything we know about Devil May Cry and start from scratch. The result? DmC.

Clearly, Ninja Theory and Capcom were anticipating a strong reaction and fan skepticism, but after my conversation with the new DmC team, I grew more confident that Dante and the cast of DmC are in good hands.

It's daring, crazy and extremely challenging to change an 11-year-old franchise. But, if Christopher Nolan can do it with Batman Begins, maybe Ninja Theory can do the same for Devil May Cry.

I'm sure you'll agree when I say that I feverishly await more details behind the new DmC. Expect both Jones and Antoniades to visit the PlayStation.Blog in the future. I like the new hair. There, I said it.

Video: Re-imaging of Dante, and the New Devil May Cry for PS3

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#7 - cheadda - September 26, 2010 // 7:36 am
cheadda's Avatar
it's about time, he not lookin like a wimp.. now it'll look better killing the same enemy instead of having me wonder why is this Castlevania reject keep looking like a Europe model in every cut scene.

#6 - FernanditoJr - September 26, 2010 // 6:34 am
FernanditoJr's Avatar
I guess if they'll change it that much and it fails they could always go back to classic May Cry (a la New Coke fiasco).

If it soars, the developers now have a new franchise under the same name. They could dish from "classic" and the "new & improved" version.

#5 - coldfear13 - September 25, 2010 // 9:02 pm
coldfear13's Avatar
looks like a meth addict that hasn't slept in 6 days and a mix of emo (true story y2kking).


#4 - y2kkingboy - September 25, 2010 // 5:50 am
y2kkingboy's Avatar
it feels like the new Dante was hooked on crystal meth for a while and he is living one of these delusional episodes.

#3 - erickplc16 - September 25, 2010 // 4:42 am
erickplc16's Avatar
wow new dante looks really skinny... looks like the guy in the interview... so gay.

#2 - croft72 - September 25, 2010 // 2:33 am
croft72's Avatar
Why can't some things that are good one way be left alone? I really prefer the original look of Dante over this new look. The new look of Dante would be cool if that WASN'T Dante and just some other character in the Devil May Cry series. I can only start to imagine the reaction of all the hardcore Devil May Cry fans to this new change.

#1 - SwordOfWar - September 25, 2010 // 2:12 am
SwordOfWar's Avatar
That is one ugly-looking Dante. Now he just looks like a hillbilly.