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August 18, 2009 // 10:10 am - Available on September 1st, PlayStation Network Operations Director Eric Lempel has detailed PS3 Firmware 3.0 via PlayStation Blog, as follows:

PlayStation 3 (PS3) firmware update (v3.00) adds a number of great new features that we're excited to share with you. The latest update incorporates changes that improve navigation on your PS3.

First, you'll notice some cosmetic changes to the design of the XMB (Xross Media Bar). We've enhanced the look and feel of the XMB so that it's easier and even more intuitive to use.

We've also added network improvements and personalization options to help enhance your PS3 experience. Additional highlights from update 3.00 include:

• "What's New" - The "Information Board" will be replaced with a "What's New" section, which allows you to enjoy interactive PlayStation news every time you start the PS3 system. Located under the PlayStation Network icon, "What's New" displays the latest and greatest game, video, PlayStation Network and PlayStation news and releases, as well as your recently played games, in a sleek, new animated format.
• Status Indicator - In the top right corner we've added an indicator bar, which displays your user icon, friend icon, the number of friends you have online and a small message icon to let you know if you have any new messages. The indicator also includes a scrolling ticker that features the latest news from PlayStation Network. In addition, when you press the PS button, the battery life indicator will no longer cover up the clock.
• Friends List - Now your PlayStation Network friends will appear in a slightly redesigned format on your Friends List. Also, messages will now be viewable from each of your friends' respective profiles.
PlayStation Store Shortcuts - We've added a handy shortcut icon to the PlayStation Store under both the Game and Video categories so you can access the latest content quickly and easily.
• Personalization - Personalize your PS3 with new dynamic custom themes and avatars. Dynamic themes as well as free and premium avatars will be available through PlayStation Store. A dynamic theme takes your screen to a whole new level as it incorporates animated objects into the background.
• Trophies - Showcasing your hard earned trophies just got better. Update 3.00 gives game developers the ability to modify how they display trophies for add-on content. Base and add-on game trophies will continue to be combined into a single list so you can see where you stand in a game as a whole. Within that list, trophies will be broken out into subcategories–base trophies and add-on trophies–that way, you can easily view the percentage of your base game trophy collection, and separately track your trophy progress in add-on packs. Look for this enhancement to be included in upcoming games.

To get a preview of what's coming in update 3.00, check out the video.

We're looking forward to releasing firmware update 3.00 soon. As always, we appreciate your feedback.

Video: PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.00 Update Detailed!

Video: PlayStation 3 Firmware v3.00 Update Detailed!

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#16 - antonzvl - August 23, 2009 // 5:14 pm
antonzvl's Avatar
Dynamic themes ? What they have finally add this future to themes ? Cool.

But i wonder will we be able to create our own themes with animation ? I don't want to buy them or use official ones.
DMC animmated theme would be a rocking thing on my TV !

#15 - semitope - August 21, 2009 // 11:29 pm
semitope's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by zangetsu1 View Post
What I would like to see is a way to make sub folders for my media, so I can store my media where 'I' want it..

To me this update is like 'ok'... but to be honest they have failed... with their big 'update'...

Yeah, wouldnt mind more control over the hdd.

#14 - snowisawesome00 - August 21, 2009 // 11:22 pm
snowisawesome00's Avatar
im not really suprised about no b/c... though the patent thing is kinda wierd...
is it just me or are most of the new "features" in this update useless? well i guess it's better than nothin.

#13 - xxLindenxx - August 19, 2009 // 9:42 pm
xxLindenxx's Avatar
YES! I've been waiting for a new xmb screen for a long time now!
and what the hell, if your not playing your ps2 games on your ps2 then why would you want to play them on your ps3?

Now..the only thing i wish they would update, is the speed of the internet browser. It's slow as hell..

#12 - saioke - August 19, 2009 // 5:58 pm
saioke's Avatar
They have plenty of time to release more updates for more features folks. why are people treating this update as the "final update"? seriously, they have not even announced "all" of the features of this firmware update anyway. so those expecting cross-game chat shouldn't whine until after the update is actually released.

i know there's not going to be backwards compatibility, but if you want backwards compatibility why not just go out and buy a ps2? i still have mine and haven't complained for day one. i never even used my ps2 since i bought my ps3 however.

point is, the firmware update isn't released, and how many people noticed they have not showed any of the new friends list features? think about that; don't complain.

#11 - zangetsu1 - August 19, 2009 // 6:33 am
zangetsu1's Avatar
What I would like to see is a way to make sub folders for my media, so I can store my media where 'I' want it..

To me this update is like 'ok'... but to be honest they have failed... with their big 'update'...

#10 - DrQuack02 - August 19, 2009 // 3:33 am
DrQuack02's Avatar
Did anyone else notice that while scrolling through the news page when he went to the LBP GOTY icon it said:

"18 new levels"...I mean thats gotta be more than what was in the MGS pack right?

#9 - AirRaider - August 19, 2009 // 12:58 am
AirRaider's Avatar
Why did they take out B/C on PS3, I bought my PS3 almost 2 years ago and its got B/C and its still running smooth.

#8 - tragedy - August 18, 2009 // 10:20 pm
tragedy's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by maxpwer222 View Post
I am sure the people at Sony have the software necessary to fully emulate the PS2 on the PS3. I mean, my POS computer can emulate a PS2 game and the PS3 is more than capable.

Actually, it's not that simple. The PS2 actually has a higher memory bandwidth than the PS3 (2 1024 bit buses and a 512 bit bus just for the GS) whilst the PS3 has significantly more processing power. So, just in terms of plain emulation of the MIPS chips, the PS3 would have no problems but most PS2 games had extremely optimised GS code to try to hit the maximum memory throughput and so there'll be a lot of games that simply cannot be emulated.

#7 - victorinox - August 18, 2009 // 9:59 pm
victorinox's Avatar
meh the way i see it is

no ps2 compad
"We need it!"

Buggy ps2 compad like it prob is if it even really exists in a full sense yet...
"we need a better working one!"

sony really cant win =\... i like 3.0 it adds a lot of nice features, im just glad their making the interface nicer =3... its not everything, but its nice to see reguardless