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325w ago - Not sure why someone would want to do this, but for those who have always wondered what happens when you put a Sony PS3 into the microwave can now find out.

The video comes from dovetastic, with the caption reading as follows:

This is a Double Feature Motion Microwaving Event Presentation brought to you by dOvetastic Microwave Theater about the story of an unsuspecting PS3 Sony Playstation Three and it's Controller that got microwaved into the biggest, baddest Gaming system on the planet. So hurry and grab your front row seats because you are in a for a world premier in grand style.

Check out the video below, courtesy of YouTube:

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#16 - plains203 - 324w ago
plains203's Avatar
Who said he paid for it or that is was working?

"It may have fallen off a truck" or out of warranty with a dead mobo etc.

#15 - devinbedari - 324w ago
devinbedari's Avatar
He must be stinking rich!

I wouldn't do that until 2079... when the ps3 is worth $2

#14 - Siptang - 324w ago
Siptang's Avatar
what the hell is wrong with people these days? just have so much money to throw around huh?

#13 - plains203 - 324w ago
plains203's Avatar
There were internals when he first puts it in the microwave and as for it looking neglected prior to it's nuking you can only see some dirt where it was sat on the ground. I didn't bother watching it all.

#12 - idone - 325w ago
idone's Avatar
umm.. lol i thought it was funny..

only thing is i wish he would have sold me his memory card door before nuke'n it.. XD

Still him playing it at the end was the best part.. (wonder what game he was playing..)


#11 - wormie123 - 325w ago
wormie123's Avatar
haha what a loser, doesn't he realize that 1. people would die for that lol and 2. people are dieing everyday and he has nothing better to do than that. Pat yourself on the back very big and clever joker!

#10 - seed143 - 325w ago
seed143's Avatar
After he put the ps3 on the microwave it looks like it got possesed!! a lot of yellow eye is popping out! lol

#9 - red8316 - 325w ago
red8316's Avatar
It looked a bit neglected before he put in the microwave, like it had been outside for a few days or something. Perhaps it was a broken model he bough locally or off Ebay. And as "mattdrumgod" said, he did not show any internals. Reminds me of the dude who chainsawed his PS3 in half.

#8 - plavkic - 325w ago
plavkic's Avatar
If you like to destroy why you ever buy it PS3?

It's hard to belive that somewhere can do something like that, if you like to share me some $, send me PM.

#7 - mattdrumgod - 325w ago
mattdrumgod's Avatar
I didn't see any part that proved the internals were still in the PS3. Who is to say he didn't take out the blu-ray drive and power supply and sell them for $250 and then microwave a YLOD motherboard in a case. Maybe it wasn't such a huge waste of money.