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Video: GT5 PS3 v1.02 Update, Damage Modeling and Cheats

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227w ago - This is another test post for our Member News promoted articles, which includes Gran Turismo 5 v1.02 PS3 update details, a Level 40 Advanced Damage Modeling video and some GT5 PlayStation 3 cheats below.

The GT5 v1.02 patch weighs in at 133MB and is the second update to Gran Turismo 5 within a week.

The first update activated the game’s online mode and added a few tweaks to the user interface, while the second allows the video game to take advantage of Polyphony Digital's upgraded server infrastructure while enabling maximum power and weight restrictions for online races.

Next up, WandaNoOrchestra has shared Gran Turismo 5 PS3 Level 40 Advanced Damage Modeling video via, to quote:

"Thought Gran Turismo 5 did poor damage modelling? Think again! Since this is a sim and nothing comes without hard work, you will also need to reach a high enough level in order to experience damage at its worst form.

As you can see, this user has reached level 40 in Gran Turismo 5 and has unlocked highly realistic damage modeling for his cars.

Level 40 gets you simulation level damage and as you can clearly see in this video it looks epic with bumpers flying around, bonnets jumping and what not."

Finally, has posted some GT5 PS3 cheats, to quote translated via Google:

Human Stopwatch - Gold

1 - buy or get the PDI Kart Racing 100, and set it as a favorite and use.
2 - Go to the Arcade
3 - Select the Indy circuit Superspeedway (Indianapolys)
4 - Do 4 laps and stopped exactly at the finish line.
5 - Well, you got the trophy Human Stopwatch

Driving Test B-5 - Gold

This test is to turn immediately right just started the test session number 5 for the B license, going to beat the barriers placed on the side and stop.

Music Travel - Bronze

1 - Enter My Home
2 - Go into the music options
3 - Select the part on Music Match
4 - Click on options on the left of this window
5 - Once you open the window, go to select one or more songs from your console
6 - Change the setting to music in Music Match Race Custom
7 - You've just got trofeto Music Travel

Video: GT5 PS3 v1.02 Update, Damage Modeling and Cheats

Video: GT5 PS3 v1.02 Update, Damage Modeling and Cheats

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#13 - KRaZE - 226w ago
KRaZE's Avatar
This game is amazing, and I feel extremely sorry for those who can't play it.

#12 - Neo Cyrus - 226w ago
Neo Cyrus's Avatar
I got the real disc here and I can't play it because of the firmware requirement... you won't win $ony!

#11 - xUb3rn00dlEx - 226w ago
xUb3rn00dlEx's Avatar
Well I for one being a big fan of the GT series am suffering here :[ Being resilient and holding out with 3.41 for a way to get GT working is killing me here, and I'm hoping that once the devs figure this one out, GT won't disappoint me :]

#10 - BwE - 226w ago
BwE's Avatar
i never really liked gt... but i still want to play it. get my downloads worth.

#9 - solrac1974 - 227w ago
solrac1974's Avatar
If we could play this game with 3.41 JB consoles... $ony can't win, it's just a matter of time!

#8 - Dinirex - 227w ago
Dinirex's Avatar
Can't wait for them to get this awesome game working.

#7 - jokr2k10 - 227w ago
jokr2k10's Avatar
such a shame the damage is only visual... if it was mechanical as well, it would be more of a driving simulator.

#6 - elser1 - 227w ago
elser1's Avatar
Thanks for the news mate.. this game is pretty kool.. only up to level 11 atm... can't wait to my internet speed in "unthrottled" next month to play online and get this update.

#5 - PS4 News - 227w ago
PS4 News's Avatar
Not yet, but you can keep an eye on this thread for any updates on getting it to work with PS3 JailBreak:

#4 - SinnerShanky - 227w ago
SinnerShanky's Avatar
i wanna play this game so badly... does it work on jailbroken consoles?

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