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228w ago - Today Sony Senior Brand Manager Adrian Arnese at Square Enix has officially unveiled what first surfaced two days back, a peek at the Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Trailer!

According to ScrawlFX, the official Web site has also launched as well.

To quote: "At Square Enix's 1st Production Department Premier press conference in Japan, the company's announced that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is in development for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

A trailer was shown where we see Final Fantasy XIII protagonist Lightning in armor crossing swords with an unknown, purple-haired man.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is being directed by Motomu Toriyama, who also directed the first game. It's currently being simultaneously developed for both platforms. No ports. It will launch this year."

Please look out for more information as soon as we can share it with you.

Video: First Look at the Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 Trailer

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#16 - PaNNaP - 226w ago
PaNNaP's Avatar
It looks beautiful like the first one and im sure it'll be emotional like it as well.

on a side note, im still itching for a FF7 1080p remake! like the new abe's oddysee and stranger HD remakes that are being worked on!

#15 - gmcoringa - 226w ago
gmcoringa's Avatar
FFX-2 was a game that I couldn't have pacience to finish. The same applies for FFXIII. Following the logic, I think this will be another horrible game.

As I'm a fan of FF games, I will play it anyway.

#14 - Shcotttty - 227w ago
Shcotttty's Avatar
I freakin love Lightning, she was def one of the best FF characters yet.

#13 - jayhoyee - 227w ago
jayhoyee's Avatar
I'm playing ffxiii. I must say it's different, but it's still an epic game. Looking forward to xiii-2.

#12 - heri8596 - 228w ago
heri8596's Avatar
13 is not one of my favorites ff, but i'm excited to see how this xii-2 turn out, wonder how the gameplay gonna be (i like 13 battle gameplay, but hate the leveling system)

#11 - Anticleric - 228w ago
Anticleric's Avatar
Is it just me, or does this story in these 2 games make everyone want to kill themselves?

#10 - xpa12 - 228w ago
xpa12's Avatar
I was kinda sad when 13 ended, just because I would really like an RPG that always has new things to do and discover, so i'm kinda happy about this but as has been posted already - lets hope this isnt a repeat of X-2. You just know a super special edition is in the works which any hardcore fan will buy.

Guess we'll see how it turns out soon enough!

#9 - Fishlips - 228w ago
Fishlips's Avatar
I love Lightning..

This is some great news. Let's hope they deliver, and not postpone it to 2012.

#8 - ssj33goku - 228w ago
ssj33goku's Avatar
thx for the vid and hopefully it turns out good not like FFX-2 but can they actually the continue the storyline...

#7 - saviour07 - 228w ago
saviour07's Avatar
Last scene is reminiscent of FF8 between squall and seifer, which is never a bad thing

FFX-2 was awful so I just hope that SE has learnt from that mistake!