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January 22, 2010 // 11:04 am - Square Enix Europe's Brand Manager Antonio Marfuggi has revealed the Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Limited Collector's Edition alongside a video today on the EU PlayStation Blog.

To quote: We've had to cross the perilous lands of Pulse and wade through hordes of Chocobos in order to bring this to you, but we're finally there: FINAL FANTASY XIII will be available in a LIMITED COLLECTOR'S EDITION, from 9th March 2010.

Along with the game, this special edition will include some exclusive pieces of content especially thought for the FINAL FANTASY fan that lies in all of us:

FINAL FANTASY XIII Original Sound Selection: a soundtrack CD including a selection of tunes from the game, especially chosen for this Limited Collector's Edition by composer Masashi Hamauzu. The CD is presented inside a slipcase featuring artwork from FINAL FANTASY XIII, with liner notes written by the composer himself.

The World of FINAL FANTASY XIII: an exclusive hardback book featuring characters artwork, CG rendered images and environments from across the game production.

Exclusive Art Prints: 3 highly collectable art prints showing artwork of the Eidolons, powerful summoned allies of the lead playable characters of FINAL FANTASY XIII.

Unique 'Brand of the l'Cie' decal: Collectible decal featuring this most iconic symbol from the game storyline.

And if this is not enough, here is the game's latest trailer, featuring some cool action as well as an amazing soundtrack.

Let us know what you think about all this here on the blog, and on FINAL FANTASY XIII's official Facebook page!

Video: Final Fantasy XIII - PS3 Limited Collector's Edition

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#10 - zangetsu1 - January 28, 2010 // 2:18 pm
zangetsu1's Avatar
I mainly got it for MGS and Final fantasy..:D

but next week White knight chronicles will be comming out.. I think I'll cop my one...

#9 - Assignator98 - January 28, 2010 // 1:48 pm
Assignator98's Avatar
lol the same reason i got a ps3 is for final fantasy as well.. this game is just godly.

#8 - Alucard - January 27, 2010 // 4:35 pm
Alucard's Avatar
i want this game so bad!!! can't wait !! the only reason i got a PS3!!

#7 - foresttree1 - January 27, 2010 // 3:21 pm
foresttree1's Avatar
I heard a rumor that after this game there is plan to remake FF12.. wonder if it is true. But can't wait for the release of this game. together with god of war 3 march is going to be a fun month!

#6 - pro2oman - January 25, 2010 // 11:44 pm
pro2oman's Avatar
i've never played the ff games other then the Cristal Chronicles for gamecube but i must say... the trailers for this game and what i've heard about it makes me what it so bad... it's in fact what led me into getting my ps3, just to play this game when it hit our shores lines, now i have to decide on weather to look into the collectors edition or just the game....

#5 - slastrina - January 25, 2010 // 4:52 pm
slastrina's Avatar
i haven't really played much, but this looks nice addition to ff, might have to look into the games again.

#4 - Spikey123 - January 25, 2010 // 5:05 am
Spikey123's Avatar
I think my cousin showed me the trailer for that FF hey plays it big time but me I only have FFX-2 for PS2.

#3 - zangetsu1 - January 24, 2010 // 4:08 pm
zangetsu1's Avatar
The trailer is great and so is the song but...

The just dont fit together.

#2 - kakarotoks - January 23, 2010 // 5:09 am
kakarotoks's Avatar
what? there isn't much in the collector's edition.. oh well, as long as it's not 100$, I guess it's ok.. but still, I think they could have put something more/better in the collector's edition!

#1 - croft72 - January 22, 2010 // 7:31 pm
croft72's Avatar
I know I've heard many people ask about this with Japanese titles the other way around but, does anyone know if there will be an option to switch the dialogue to Japanese with english subtitles?