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March 9, 2011 // 4:35 pm - Today Gameloft's Social Media Editor Jen Kye has shared a video and confirmation that Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is coming to PSN this April.

To quote: Just dropping in to see how the PlayStation community is doing with our newest PSN title: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. This is the first action-RPG game that immerses you in the heart of a unique multiplayer experience, both local and online.

Face the world of Gothicus and its horde of creatures either alone or with up to four other heroes. Push evil back to the depths of hell and stop the destructive ambitions of a tyrannical Queen!

Our dev team is quite focused on making sure the gameplay is engaging enough for the hardcore audience, while still accessible to newcomers. What does that entail? Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is focused on providing a real quest to complete either solo or with others.

This unique campaign experience spans over 30 levels with an immense world of dungeons, villages and forests to explore, including areas that are randomly generated. You'll be able to choose your class, optimize your hero's development by assigning experience points. Expect one heck of an immersive game!

The immense world of Gothicus and the balance of your hero's development results in gamers becoming more invested in the role he or she plays. Whether playing solo or with friends, there are strategies players have to consider when approaching each level. In this respect, our dev team is hoping fans experience an epic quest that you can revisit in intense local or online modes.

For those of you who like to explore a dark fantasy world, this is a refreshing take on the action RPG genre! Dungeon Hunter: Alliance is set to release April 2011, so check out our launch trailer for an inside peek into our upcoming game!

Video: Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Comes to PSN in April, 2011

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#4 - SuperSaiyen - March 10, 2011 // 10:11 pm
SuperSaiyen's Avatar
Well, I for one will probably buy this game just to support development of more local multiplayer RPG's instead of the all the stupid lonely single player PS3 games out there. (which is why i rarely buy or play PS3 games anymore). My friends and I can finally give all our PS2 Baldur's Gate and Champions of Norrath games a rest after replaying each of them a dozen times.

#3 - Caveman007 - March 10, 2011 // 3:16 am
Caveman007's Avatar
Ummm well WOW is nothing like this. Diablo is. Most likely it will be free like most games in this genre are. And it actually does look pretty fun. So know your facts before you dog on a game.

#2 - LordRahl72 - March 10, 2011 // 2:00 am
LordRahl72's Avatar
Another good hack and slash to hold me off until Diablo 3 comes out.

#1 - spawnofjago - March 10, 2011 // 12:58 am
spawnofjago's Avatar
This looks lame!! Like a WoW ripoff only lamer! I can only wonder how much a month they will charge for this crap!