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Video: Deus Ex: Human Revolution for PS3 from E3 2010

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244w ago - Today Sony's Senior Social Media Specialist Sid Shuman has shared some Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3 video footage from E3 2010.

To quote: Before sharing my E3 experiences with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it's best if you watch the game's debut trailer below. It'll help answer more of your questions about the game.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is an upcoming action-RPG for the PS3 that combines ferocious first-person shooting, sneaking, and thought-provoking conversation with a huge cast of seedy characters.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution serves as a prequel to Deus Ex, a critically acclaimed role-playing game that hit the PS2 in 2002.

As in the original Deus Ex, DX: Human Revolution boasts a staggeringly wide range of influences: cyberpunk from Blade Runner and The Matrix, intellectual concepts borrowed from philosophers such as Michel Foucault, and conspiracy theories ranging from The Illuminati to Area 51 to the Knights Templar.

Set in 2027, DX: Human Revolution follows the same spiritual path as its predecessor. The world is literally falling apart at the seams, a murky mish-mash of unchecked technological advancement, crumbling social structures, and widespread bureaucratic corruption.

You play as Adam Jensen, a security specialist for a cybernetic technology corporation, who is implanted with state-of-the-art bio-augmentations following a violent attack on his employer. Now Jensen is tasked with tracking down the group responsible for the attack. And he uncovers, uh, a lot more than he bargained for.

Deux Ex: Human Revolution plunges players into a dark, despairing world riddled with soulless corporations, corrupt governments, and elaborate global conspiracies.

Seen in early form on the PS3 at E3, DX: Human Revolution's environments pop with detail. I spotted towering LED signs, sprawling trans-urban skylines, shimmering laser displays, and rain-slicked streets, topped off with a thick haze of grit and smoke.

The non-player characters that populate Shanghai are more than a mere window dressing – they go about their daily routines, offer clues or side-quests, and throw their hands in the air if you draw a weapon.

Your interactions with them are also varied: you're able to browbeat, sweet talk, or lecture them using dialog options such as "Advise" and "Insist." This allows for a wide variety of approaches to each conversation, meaning that your ability to read your subject's reactions and react accordingly will be as valuable as your trigger finger.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution's environments and characters buzz with detail on the PS3.

When it comes to nuts-and-bolts combat, though, DX: Human Revolution is packed with options. If you prefer the non-lethal approach, you'll be able to sneak past enemies or knock them unconscious. If you prefer bloody-bones butchery, you'll find plenty of outlets for violence.

Jensen's augmented body is studded with knives, concussion grenades, and other tools of destruction, and you'll have access to a wide range of high-tech guns. You'll also find many ways to upgrade your physical augmentations, from enhancing your hacking ability to using an invisibility cloak to adding heat-seeking capability to your rocket launcher.

Depending on which upgrades you choose, your game experience could be radically different. Boosting your physical strength, for instance, doesn't only enable massive melee damage – it enables you to move large objects that might help you avoid a fight altogether.

Kill, avoid, or sweet talk: the decision will be yours.

While waiting for Deus Ex: Human Revolution's early 2011 release on the PS3, now's a great time to experience – or re-experience – the original Deus Ex: The Conspiracy on PS2. Give it a whirl, and let me know what you think of the storyline and RPG elements in the comments.

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#4 - bdr103 - 243w ago
bdr103's Avatar
I think the new Deux ex is starting to look good. However, I think it will have to prove to be somthing new. The genre of RPG is a hard one to top after games like fallout 3 and oblivion. Especially with a new fallout game around the corner.

#3 - B4rtj4h - 243w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
This looks very promising!

#2 - derceto - 244w ago
derceto's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by Wonderkik View Post
Deux Ex 2 (yeah, I'm also a Pc gamer ^^ ) was a huge disapointement. We had Deus Ex, a wonderful fallout-like-FPS-RPG-game, which I still play today, and the sequel felt like a prequel gameplay-wise ^^ I hope they don't mess with that one, that franchise deserves it.

It will probably be a launch day buy for me ^^

Ya I hear ya there. I still liked Deus Ex 2 however, but it fell a bit shy of the original. I have a good feeling that they won't be messing this one up. It looks promising and developer interviews I've read leave the impression that they are keeping this one true to the feel of the original and dead-set against disappointing fans. I'm hoping they can live up to their claims. Again though, I have a good feeling they will.

#1 - Wonderkik - 244w ago
Wonderkik's Avatar
Deux Ex 2 (yeah, I'm also a Pc gamer ^^ ) was a huge disapointement. We had Deus Ex, a wonderful fallout-like-FPS-RPG-game, which I still play today, and the sequel felt like a prequel gameplay-wise ^^ I hope they don't mess with that one, that franchise deserves it.

It will probably be a launch day buy for me ^^


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