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January 20, 2011 // 9:45 pm - Sony's Senior Social Media Specialist Rey Gutierrez has shared a video today spotlighting Dead Space: Extraction on PS3 with PlayStation Move.

To quote: Hiding in the deepest corner of the galaxy – and in the vast recesses of your Dead Space 2: Limited Edition Blu-ray next Tuesday – you can find Dead Space 2's maniacal cousin Dead Space: Extraction.

Decked out in luscious HD graphics, this PS3-exclusive edition of Dead Space: Extraction harnesses the precision of PlayStation Move to make lopping off Necromorph limbs easier than ever. In our new video, Dead Space producer Zach Mumbach explains why PlayStation Move is the ultimate weapon in Extraction.

Extraction takes place before we meet Issac Clarke aboard the Ishimura in Dead Space, and chronicles the discovery of the mysterious Marker, an arcane artifact that holds the key to the Necromorph infestation in the first game.

Once the Necromorphs squirm onto the scene in Extraction, your investigation on Aegis VII is cut short and the fight for survival begins.

Dead Space: Extraction comes packed on a single Blu-ray with Dead Space 2: Limited Edition on January 25th.

Video: Dead Space: Extraction on PS3 with PlayStation Move

Video: Dead Space: Extraction on PS3 with PlayStation Move

Video: Dead Space: Extraction on PS3 with PlayStation Move

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#5 - barrybarryk - January 23, 2011 // 8:34 pm
barrybarryk's Avatar
you should see 2 dead space disc icons (when you put a disc in the drive) one "Dead Space 2" and the other "Bonus Content"

i should also add only extraction installs on the xmb, dead space 2 will only show if the disc is in.

#4 - matt101 - January 23, 2011 // 8:25 pm
matt101's Avatar
i installed dead space 2 +extraction but cant find normal game. it shows extraction on xmb... but disk dont show normal dead space... anyone help... plz.

#3 - ssj33goku - January 21, 2011 // 5:23 am
ssj33goku's Avatar
nice a ps3 version of the game, can't wait to play it!

#2 - darksabre - January 21, 2011 // 5:17 am
darksabre's Avatar
I agree this is gonna be a great one to buy for the collection!

#1 - condorstrike - January 21, 2011 // 5:02 am
condorstrike's Avatar
God, I can't wait for this... one of my favorite franchises, if not the one. Played the original about 3 times, and extraction for the Wii was an awesome ignored game due to the platform, and to have it now included in the Dead-Space 2 bundle is a big plus in my book, btw I did a Dead-Space Theme for multiMan if anyone wants...

the waiting is driving me mad, Space MADNESS!!! LOL.