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December 7, 2012 // 4:19 am - Commercial Director at D3T Ltd Jaime Campbell has shared a video today announcing that Lemmings is back on PlayStation Mobile with details below.

To quote: When d3t was approached to make Lemmings for PlayStation Mobile, the initial feeling of excitement was quickly superseded by the realisation that a lot of people would have their eyes on our results.

At d3t, we always go the extra mile to deliver the best possible games, so we knew we were the right people for the job. But it's not every day you get asked to work on a title with a name that resonates with multiple generations of gamers who have enjoyed playing existing versions of the game on numerous gaming systems since it was first published by Psygnosis for the Commodore Amiga in 1991.

We are delighted that Lemmings for PlayStation Mobile looks great, performs really well on all of the certified devices and most importantly, faithfully brings the Lemmings experience to a whole new platform for a new generation of gamers, who can enjoy the classic game for the first time ever with intuitive touch screen control. It really feels like this game was made for it!

Take a look for yourself in this short movie!

Working on a title with such history and nostalgia attached to it did make us deliver on our promise to go the extra mile to produce a top-quality game and we always felt we were working with the SDK rather than fighting against it. I recommend that anyone interested in developing games or apps for mobile devices go and check out PlayStation Mobile!

Lemmings for PS Mobile is available today, and you get to play the first 30 levels for free. Go visit the store from your certified phone, tablet or PS Vita to give it a go!

Video: D3T Ltd Announces Lemmings is Back on PlayStation Mobile

Video: D3T Ltd Announces Lemmings is Back on PlayStation Mobile

Video: D3T Ltd Announces Lemmings is Back on PlayStation Mobile

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#1 - GrandpaHomer - December 7, 2012 // 12:54 pm
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
The fact that So(o)ny has deployed the PSM only in handfull European countries (despite MANY users commenting on both official playstation blog entries as well as forums that they would be more than happy to pay for the content if it was released in their countries as well) together with very limited amount of compatible mobile phone and tablet devices (while technically nothing stops PSM from running on ANY from the latest generations of phones and tablets) is killing all this program before it will even manage to take off in a first place. BAD bussines plan Sony!